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Remote Space #1 Review: Evolve or Die

Step into the fascinating world of Remote Space, the new sci-fi comic book created by Cliff Rathburn from Image Comics.

Remote Space 1 Review Cover
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesJun 14, 2024, 9:12 AM

Remote Space #1

Remote Space 1 Full Cover

Writer: Cliff Rathburn

Artist: Cliff Rathburn

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: June 12, 2024

Page Count: 32

Format: Single-issue

Remote Space #1 is a promising start to a new sci-fi comic book that showcases a world of monsters and machines. The comic’s opening issue hits the right sport of introducing its interesting concept while giving a taste of the brutal action to come.

As an avid reader of all kinds of comics, I love diving into whatever new story I can find. Whether it's by creators I’m familiar with or not, I’m always on the lookout for comics with inventive premises I’ve yet to see before. Remote Space hits that exact spot of being a comic book I knew almost nothing about going in, but was very impressed by once I turned the final page. Creator Cliff Rathburn puts on a one-man show to introduce readers to a sci-fi world filled with intriguing characters and fascinating mysteries. Curious to know more about this new series? Check out my full review of Remote Space #1 below to find out more! 


The year is 2450 and the human race evolved through two vastly different evolutionary paths. While one side embraced cybernetics for space travel, the other turned to genetic manipulation to survive Earth’s harsh atmosphere. But as far as the two sides have drifted apart, they ultimately must collide once again to save humanity. The question is, which side will come out on top?

Remote Space 1 - Zoe shows her face mennacinglyImage: Image Comics


If you’re a die-hard sci-fan, there’s a lot of love in Remote Space. The comic throws you right in the thick of a futuristic world that’s equally wondrous and terrifying. The comic’s world and character designs are incredibly striking with its mix of sleek cybernetic aesthetics and grotesque monstrosities. It reminds me of a cleaner-looking version of Ridley Scott’s Alien with how distinct design elements about the world clash against each other. The issue’s big centerpiece moment is an intense fight involving a viscous-looking beast and a decked-out cyborg. With blood and bolts flying all over the pages, the battle between monster and machine perfectly encapsulates the brutal world Remote Space transports you to.

Creator Cliff Rathburn quickly made a fan out of me from this issue. While I was already impressed by what I read, my appreciation for the book skyrocketed when I realized Rathburn worked on every aspect of this comic himself–from the writing and art to the coloring and lettering. The art is easily the most impressive aspect of this new comic. The distinct balance between the bizarre and futuristic gives the comic’s world a very unique look. It makes turning the page all the more satisfying as you never know what strange new character or scenery you’ll see next. With so much being teased about the story and world-building in this story, I’m excited to dive deeper into the universe of Remote Space as the series unfolds. 

Remote Space 1 - A monster is about to crush his opponent with a boulderImage: Image Comics

However, one downside of this debut issue is that its “onboarding process” at the beginning is a lot to take in at once. While the visuals are fantastic at illustrating the story’s two different races, the lengthy narration bogs things down a bit for me. The script could have been tightened up a bit more to give the striking world design and characters more room to breathe. But once that first big and early exposition dump is finished, the issue kicks into a new gear that showcases plenty of sci-fi goodness. So even though some parts of the narrative felt a bit complicated at first, the comic shows plenty of promise in developing its fascinating story. 

Remote Space 1 - A monster punches the arm off a cyborgImage: Image Comics

Final Thoughts

Remote Space is a compelling new sci-fi comic that becomes even more interesting when you look at its bigger picture. It’s impressive to see such a massive effort put in by a passionate creator like Cliff Rathburn pay off in incredible ways. Even though the comic just started, I’m intrigued to see what strange horrors and mysteries lurk throughout the world of Remote Space. As a sci-fi lover, I can’t get enough of stories that present unique universes that feel so rich to explore. If you’re on the hunt for something new and creative, be sure to keep an eye out for this promising comic book series. 

Why You Should Read Remote Space

  • The comic brings to life a unique sci-fi world filled with incredible character designs.
  • There are plenty of brutal action sequences between monsters and machines. 
  • It’s incredible knowing almost every facet of the comic was done by creator Cliff Rathburn.
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