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Something is Killing the Children #31 Review: On the Hunt

Step into the bloody story of Erica Slaughter as she continues her hunt for the Duplicitype monster, all while the murderous Charlotte Cutter trails behind her.

Something is Killing the Children #31 Review Cover
Image: BOOM! Studios
By: Javier ReyesFeb 23, 2024, 2:05 AM

Something is Killing the Children #31

Something is Killing the Children #31 Full Cover

Writer: James Tynion IV

Artist: Werther Dell'Edera

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Release Date: July 18, 2023

Format: Comic

The latest issue of "Something is Killing the Children" introduces a darker, more dangerous side of Charlotte Cutter. The story's pieces are all moving towards a bloody confrontation with the Duplicitype monster.

“Something is Killing the Children” is back and picking up where the story left off before its brief hiatus. Considering the loaded schedule of releases James Tynion IV has these days, it feels good returning to the dark and twisted story of Erica Slaughter. In this latest story arc, the trouble in Tribulation has reached its boiling point as the Duplicitype continues its killing spree, and the murderous Charlottle Cutter is hot on Erica’s trail.

Erica talks to DollyImage: BOOM! Studios

Story Overview

Things are not looking good for Erica. After barely surviving a fight against the Duplicitype, Erica gets cornered in an interrogation room by the crazy lady in red, Charlotte Cutter. Despite having Erica dead to rights, the crazed English assassin wanted to play with her food first. She allowed Erica to walk free to frame her as the serial killer of Tribulation. But Cutter’s plan wasn’t as foolproof as she thought because Erica managed to snatch Dolly before getting out of the police station with Riqui and Gabi. As expected, Cutter was enraged from seeing her precious totem stolen from her bag.

Erica uses the time she has left to prepare for taking down the elusive Duplicitype. Little does she know, the monster has taken on a form she’s all too familiar with. Then just as the group was preparing the monster trap, an unexpected guest arrived to extend a hand to Erica.

Cutter puts on her bandanaImage: BOOM Studios


With this being just the start of a new story arc, this issue focused more on character development than delivering heart-pounding action. The standout character of this issue is the villainous Cutter. As calm and methodical as she’s been, this issue shows a side of her that’s more unhinged and demented. As if what we’ve seen of her up until this point wasn’t horrible enough. You’d think she couldn’t go much lower than her introduction as a soulless child killer. Ironically, Cutter acts almost childlike after having her most prized possession taken away from her. In a nice visual touch, Cutter’s speech bubble looks more erratic than those of other characters, as if she can barely hold herself together. Seeing how that emotional outburst stemmed from losing her precious totem, there’s a strong contrast to Erica’s cold relationship with Octo.

In one of the comic’s more impactful moments, we see Cutter finally put on her bandana as she’s pushed to the brink of her sanity. That’s when you know the time for fun and games is over. Cutter wants Erica’s head on a platter at all costs. After seeing what she does to Billy in another scene, it’s clear we’re only scratching the surface of what messed up stuff she’s capable of. Time will tell if Erica’s plan to poke this bloodthirsty bear works out for the best. Looking back on the issues before this, I appreciate how incredible of a villain Cutter has been since her introduction to the series.

Now, enough about Cutter and her craziness. The most intriguing part of the issue comes in its closing pages. Cecilia makes her way to Tribulation with surprisingly good intentions toward Erica. This moment feels like it’s been a long time coming as Cecilia has subtly expressed a fondness towards Erica throughout different points in the series. Seeing such a devout member of the Order side with their public enemy #1 is an intriguing development that will have major ramifications down the line. Why the sudden change of heart towards Erica now, when the situation is at its most tense? That’s a question left to be answered in the next issue. For now, I’m deeply hooked on seeing what comes next.

Erica gets a surprise guestImage: BOOM! Studios

Final Thoughts

Despite being an issue that’s light on action and drama, it makes up by having plenty of rich character moments that will carry plenty of weight for the story to come. Cutter was already a character that ate up every scene she appeared in. Having this more twisted side makes her all the more intriguing. The story's status quo has also subtly shifted with Cecilia’s surprising return. If there’s one thing “Something is Killing the Children” excels at, it’s having compelling characters drive its dark story forward. This issue was just another reminder of that. It’s setting the stage for what’s sure to be the bloody confrontation between Erica, Cutter, and the Duplicitype.

Why You Should Read Something is Killing the Children

  • This new story arc is leading up to the story’s climax within the town of Tribulation
  • Cutter is proving to be a great villain with every appearance 
  • Werther Dell'edera continues to be sensational with his artwork for the title