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Substack News 12.06.23
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By: Chiatanya TaparFeb 5, 2024, 9:21 AM

Step into the exhilarating world of comics with our latest roundup of news, featuring exclusive updates from prominent creators on Substack. This edition is your ultimate guide to the newest happenings in the industry, including info about the launch of an exclusive tabletop RPG game for Marvel. Delve into masterclasses by veteran creators offering unique insights into the art of comic book creation. Plus, get an insider's look into the intricacies of a writer’s room and the collaborative process behind your favorite comics. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the scene, this compilation is your ticket to staying connected with some of the best creators in comics.

Jim Zub announces TTRPG game exclusively for Marvel, and more

Posted on December 6, 2023

Jim Zub introduces the launch of THE MURDERWORLD THAT TIME FORGOT, an exclusive Marvel TTRPG adventure he wrote for Demiplane! In his latest newsletter, Jim talks about how the brand-new tabletop adventure is perfect for beginners and is packed with guides for new Game Masters looking to run a thrilling Marvel superhero story. It’s got loads of tips on game setup, scene pacing, and player engagement.

Substack - jim zub - marvel ttrpg gameImage: Substack

With Jim being a big tabletop gaming fan himself, he talks about how this was a dream project of his. He talks about being brought in by Demiplane personally to launch their original Marvel TTRPG material. If you want to know more about it, there is a Demiplane Twitch stream you can check out!

In other news, Jim also shares his interview with Jason DeHart at Words, Images, & Worlds, where they talk about working on comics and the collaborative process.

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Brian Michael Bendis reveals the next guest for the 19th Jinxworld’s Masterclass session

Posted on December 6, 2023

Brian Michael Bendis announced they have a very special guest for their latest episode of Jinxworld's Masterclass. The Zoom call will feature Alex Maleev, co-creator and artist behind Jinxworld titles like SCARLET and the upcoming MASTERPIECE. Maleev, who rarely makes public appearances, will be discussing his creative processes. This one is looking to be a fun and insightful experience!

Substack - Brian Michael Bendis - JinxworldImage: Substack

Check out the latest newsletter post for more details about the Masterclass and how to join with the class links for the previous sessions. The class is exclusive to members of their Powers subscription level, which also gives access to other content like the multi-media series CREATION and the graphic novel Fortune and Glory: The Musical.

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ND Stevenson shares a little comic 

Posted on December 6, 2023

If you like short comics in your inbox, you might want to check ND Stevenson’s substack. In his latest newsletter, he draws about how different inside Nate is vs outside Nate, which I think a lot of people can relate to when we think about the different versions of ourselves. Check out the rest of the comics from his newsletter.

Substack - ND Stevenson - imfineimfineImage: Substack

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Vassilis Gogtzilas shares his old comics and new art

Posted on December 5, 2023

Vassilis Gogtzilas shares some new artworks, which look amazing! See this one and the others in his latest newsletter.

Substack - Vassilis - Vassilis's SubstackImage: Substack

You can also check out some throwback works he did as a child through a couple of videos as he reminisces about the 80s. He talks about how his childhood was a time when he was deeply immersed in comics, exploring new issues and discovering works by favorite creators, including classics like Lucky Luke, Asterix, and Tintin, as well as Greek reprints of American comics and 70s psychedelic works like Kirby's. 

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Scott Snyder shares what happens in a writer’s room and how it works

Posted December 2, 2023

Scott Snyder starts his latest newsletter with detailed instructions for Black Jacket members to send their books for signing. He also announces his next class which will be writing horror which will be a “nightmare before Christmas”-themed.

Substack - Scott Snyder - Best Jacket PressImage: Substack

A big part of his post delves into the concept of a writer's room, detailing the process and their experience with the project 'Wytches', which was optioned by Amazon and Plan B for animation. He elaborates on the collaborative process of scriptwriting in the writer's room and the show's development stages. It’s a good explanation of how things work behind the scenes while touching on the steps to take once a project is greenlit, including detailed episode writing and getting approval on outlines and full scripts. 

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