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substack news nov 22, 2023
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By: Chiatanya TaparJun 3, 2024, 11:24 AM

Have you heard the latest comic buzz straight from the creators themselves?

Look no further! Substack has become the go-to platform for comic creators to share their most exciting updates and stories. In this roundup, we’re spotlighting the freshest news from five standout comic creators. If you’re looking for exclusive comic sneak peeks, creators’ deep dives into their creative journeys, a list of where to catch your favorite creator, or what they’re up to, these Substack newsletters are your direct line to the realm of the comic world.

Brian K. Vaughan shares giveaway for Ex Machina fans, Niko Henrichon talks about doing commissions, and more

Posted on November 21, 2023

For Ex Machina fans, this is your chance to get a signed copy of the Ex Machina Omnibus! Make sure you are subscribed to The Tower and that’s it. You’re eligible to win. In the latest post, Brian said that this giveaway is the team’s thank you to Tower members for supporting their independent work.

exploding giraffe substack newsletter - ex machine omnibus coverImage: Substack

A little bit of Saga news – Saga Volume 11 was selected at the Angoulême International Comics Festival. Also, the Saga Threadless Shop is retiring a design featuring Upsher and Doff on November 29th, coinciding with the release of the next Saga trade. This move is to make way for a new exclusive offering that fans have long requested.

Planning to commission Niko Henrichon? Well, you have to wait and see after he completes Spectators. He was recently at a convention in Madrid and talked about doing some art commissions while he was there. We can see one of his works in action with timelapse videos of his Kitty Pryde commission.

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Jason Aaron debuts as a DC Comics writer, relaunches new online shop, and more

Posted on November 22, 2023

So a cool update from writer Jason Aaron in his latest post. He’s super stoked because he's finally making a big splash as a DC Comics writer with "Batman Off-World." He started his career at DC with "The Other Side" and "Scalped" but he was a Vertigo writer, which was like a separate vibe within DC, and in his own words, “will forever be a proud graduate of the Vertigo School of Comic Book Making”.

jason aaron's beard missives substack newsletter - batman off-world 1 coverImage: Substack

Now that he's diving into the DC Universe, "Batman Off-World" is like his tribute to the comics that got him hooked in the first place, like "Atari Force" and "Batman: Year One." He's got a great team with him, like Doug Mahnke on pencils, Jaime Mendoza on inks, David Baron on colors, Troy Peteri on letters, and his old friend Ben Abernathy on edits, which is pretty awesome. The story takes Batman into space, and from the teasers (you gotta see all the amazing teasers he shared!), it looks like it's going to be wild!

You can find "Batman Off-World #1" at your local comic shops or grab an unsigned issue #1 bundle online. However, for the exclusive Skottie Young cover, check out

In other news, Aaron's got a new webstore with Third Eye Comics where he's selling Marvel and creator-owned trades and hardcovers that all come with an exclusive signed bookplate. How cool is that? He's also been busy with podcasts and interviews. Oh, and he had a blast at the Thought Bubble con in England, discovered clotted cream (which he says is way tastier than it sounds), and he's gearing up for Planet Comicon too. 

As if all the teasers he shared are not enough, he also teased about his run on "Action Comics" coming up next year. The guy's living the dream!

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Gerry Duggan offers hardcover photobook and more

Posted on November 21, 2023

Gerry Duggan is giving out copies of his signed photo book “Timing/Luck” for all his paid yearly subscribers. Until stocks last so hurry! In addition to the photo book that has all the fancy elements (clothbound, vellum signature page, clothbound slipcase, foil embossed titles), you get at least one signed comic. Take note that the hardcover will not be reprinted in this form again.

gerry duggan substack newsletter - time luck photobookImage: Substack

One catch: this is only for folks in the US because shipping the book internationally costs a lot.

But don't worry, for those outside the US, you can still get some neat stuff. You can subscribe at the founder's level, and they'll send you signed, rare comics that are worth your first year's payment. You can choose to get other signed merch like floppies, trades, and hardcovers instead.

On another note, he is taking some time off from the X-Men to focus on other projects. This could potentially mean some very exciting reveals for 2024! 

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Joshua Williamson shares a preview of Superman #8 bringing the Chained saga to a close, gives a first look at Duke #1, and more

Posted on November 22, 2023

Joshua Williamson is back from a break and shared some comic book action with lots of previews in his latest post!

First off, the "Chained" saga is wrapping up with an action-packed issue. He got some cool previews showing Lex Luthor stirring up trouble in Metropolis, and Superman, of course, is right in the middle of it all.

joshua williamson substack newsletter - superman 8 coverImage: Substack

He also reveals the amazing lineup of artists for the variant covers of issue #8. 

Joshua then talks about his debut in the "Energon Universe" with the first issue of "Duke" (Final Order Cut-Off This Sunday!), which is all about the world of G.I. Joe. This issue is going to lay the groundwork for the entire universe. Tom Reilly and Jordie Bellaire’s artwork looks top-notch!

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Torunn Grønbekk launches newsletter, hosts giveaway painting

Posted on November 18, 2023

Torunn Grønbekk starts a newsletter and what better way to launch than with a giveaway? Check out an original painting of Allfather Odin and watch the process of making it linked inside the newsletter. A rare opportunity since she seldom sells her paintings online.

torunn grønbekk substack newsletter - original painting of Allfather OdinImage: Substack

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