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Tales of the Unusual: A Horror Webtoon Classic

Get a taste of different eerie stories in every chapter of this dark, twisted, and beloved horror webtoon.

Tales of the Unusual webtoon cover
Image: Webtoon
By: Hana May 9, 2024, 8:34 AM

Tales of the Unusual

Tales of the Unusual webtoon cover

Writer: Sungdae Oh

Artist: Sungdae Oh

Publisher: Webtoon

Format: Webtoon

“Tales of the Unusual” is arguably among the best webtoons you can read within the horror genre. With its episodic nature of storytelling and striking art style, the beloved horror webtoon will have you craving for more with each new twisted tale.

“Tales of the Unusual” was created by author and artist Sungdae Oh. The webtoon has been part of the scene since the beginning, releasing its first episode in 2014. By its final episode in 2022, it solidified itself as one of the most popular horror webtoons ever made. If you have ever heard of the joke, “She needs Beauty Water,” then know that this webtoon is where it originated. In my case, that joke was what introduced me to the series. Then, ever since that day in 2018, Tales of the Unusual became my weekly webtoon source for freaky stories. So, if you are a fan of Stephen King, then this is the perfect series for you! Continue reading for my review of this classic and spine-tingling webtoon!


Tales of the Unusual is a series of interconnected short stories with themes that range from urban legends to old myths and the darkness of human nature. Each tale is captivatingly peculiar and bizarre. But the beauty of the webtoon is that it goes beyond typical horror tropes like monsters or ghosts. The series tells stories that make you think about the absolute terror a human being can be. With 375 episodes to explore, there are so many dark and twisted stories that will captivate you while others may be too unsettling for you to finish.

Tales of the Unusual - big cageImage: Webtoon


One of the amazing things about Tales of the Unusual is its longevity. With 375 episodes released in almost a decade, it’s incredible how creator Sungdae Oh crafted so many fresh stories and concepts for readers to enjoy weekly. Regardless of the story being a hit or miss, there was always something different and creative about each new tale within the horror webtoon’s dark world. Season one was the prime example of that, as each story has a distinct eerie flavor that added to the overall creepy atmosphere of the series.

But I do have to give a warning about season two. While there were some fascinating and creative elements to the stories in season two, the magic and nuance of what makes season one so beloved is noticeably lacking. That could also be because season one is so good that it’s tough living up to such a high bar. There are parts in season two that feel like the author was making more chapters just for the sake of making more chapters. So, unless you’re truly committed to following everything until the end, I recommend being wary about episodes 292 to 355 or skipping them entirely. However, to the webtoon’s credit, it does return to form by its final stretch of episodes, making for a very satisfying finale. 

Tales of the Unusual - old guy and girl scary facesImage: Webtoon

Something that is striking about the horror webtoon the whole way through is its captivating art. It’s not a colorful webtoon, with its stark black, white, and gray palette.  But it’s through the absence of color that the art’s clean and precise lines shine through. The ombre of black and white features plenty of nitty-gritty details that enrich the story, making even the smallest moments and symbolisms feel all the more creepy. Creator Sungdae Oh is a master at illustrating character expressions that convey the deepest feelings of despair as they experience unimaginable horrors. It will not take long for the haunting visuals throughout the webtoon to leave a lasting impression on your mind and nightmares.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who loves episodic horror stories, then Tales of the Unusual is a horror webtoon that will hook you instantly. While 375 episodes might look intimidating to read through, it's well worth the adventures through such a peculiar world. Season one is an absolute must-read, especially if you’re into horror that scares you on a deeper, more personal level. Then, even if there are more misses within season two, the last push to the finale is pure horror goodness you don’t want to miss out on. With a whopping 160.9 million views and a 9.66 rating, it is no surprise that the series is one of the most beloved webtoons in the app, especially among horror lovers. 

Tales of the Unusual - guy screamingImage: Webtoon

Why You Should Read Tales of the Unusual 

  • It’s a completed horror webtoon you can read from start to finish.
  • The episodic storytelling gives a very strong Stephen King vibe!
  • There are nearly 400 episodes of horror goodness to dive into.
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