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The Sacrificers #1 Review: A Bold Take on Fantasy

Discover the beautifully brutal fantasy world created by all-star creators Rick Remender and Max Fiumara for Image Comics.

The Sacrificers #1 Review Cover
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesFeb 23, 2024, 2:05 AM

The Sacrificers #1

The Sacrificers #1 Full Cover

Writer: Rick Remender

Artist: Max Fiumara

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: August 1, 2023

Format: Comic

Creators Rick Remender and Max Fiumara take us into a unique fantasy world that's both beautifully whimsical and mercilessly brutal. We can't wait to see more of how this captivating story unfolds.

Rick Remender has been one of the most consistent writers working in comics over the last decade. As a strong advocate of creator-owned comics, Remender has thrived since leaving Marvel and starting his Giant Generator imprint with Image Comics. Just look through its bibliography and you’ll see the immense work put into creating incredible stories that showcase everything fun, exciting, and emotionally gripping about comics.

Joining Giant Generator’s collection of titles today is “The Sacrificers.” Together with rising Argentinian artist Max Fiumara, Remender explores a new story about a whimsical fantasy world driven by a dark and brutal secret. In its debut issue, it shows plenty of potential with its captivating premise and spectacular art.

A girl visits her brotherImage: Image Comics

Story Overview

The story is about a fantasy world where god-like beings reign supreme over lowly people. It’s the gods who oversee the peace and livelihoods of the people. But that peace comes at a steep price. Through a ceremony that’s been running for thousands of years, five chosen families must sacrifice one of their children to maintain that idyllic harmony.

We see the world from two different perspectives. Soluna is the daughter of the mighty sun king Rokos that rules over the land with his cosmic power. Then the other is a young boy who’s next in line to be one of the chosen Sacrificers. It’s a desire for change that pushes these two distant people to intertwine and usher in a new generation.

A god holds a meetingImage: Image Comics


As people say, “first impressions are key,” and “The Sacrificers” makes one hell of a first impression from the get-go. The comic transports you to a stunning fantasy world that’s distinguished by its unique culture and scenery. From the quaint farmlands in the opening scenes to the sophisticated castle of the Solis Kingdom, every comic panel feels like it's brimming with character and life. But as whimsical as it all is, the story quickly shows the atrocities that go on in the shadows. For readers who get uncomfortable about acts of domestic violence, be warned that the comic does not pull any punches in showing us how brutal this exotic world can be. Considering this is just the first issue, there’s still so much more to discover about this expansive universe.

After reading the afterword by Rick Remender at the end of the comic, it’s clear that they are taking their time telling this story. Something that stood out to me is how it does not rely on overt exposition. A case in point is how the young bird boy’s name is never even mentioned despite him being one of the main characters. This issue focused on world-building, leaving things in our hands to piece together details however we want. It’s refreshing to read comics that deliver powerful visual storytelling paired with a meaningful script, celebrating the art of show-don't-tell.

More about the art, the work by artist Max Fiumara and colorist Dave McCaig really blew me away in this debut issue. I mentioned earlier how the look of the world comes together so beautifully. But what really makes the comic stand out are the incredible character designs. Everything from the bird boy’s striking aqua-blue feathers to Soluna’s flowing, flame-like orange hair gives each race its own distinct visual identity. There’s even a touch of sci-fi-inspired design elements that add a unique flair to all the fantasy aesthetics.

Harvestors have come to collectImage: Image Comics

Final Thoughts

The debut issue of “The Sacrificers” sets the stage for a captivating story to unfold. With this being the first step in a new epic journey created by some of comics’ best artists, I’m intrigued to see where this story goes and discover more about the characters and unique races. If you’re someone who loves immersing themselves in fascinating fantasy worlds, then this comic deserves a spot on your pull list.

Why You Should Read The Sacrificers

  • The comic is set in a unique fantasy world with a very distinct aesthetic
  • Its unique premise has the potential to unfold in many captivating ways
  • The artwork and character designs created by Max Fiumara are top-notch
  • Colorist Dave McCaig brings vibrance and life to the world and characters
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