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Transformers #7 Review: Kicking Into High Gear

Buckle up for this emotionally explosive issue of the Transformers, where old bonds and alliances are more than meets the eye.

Transformers 7 Review Cover
Image: Skybound
By: Javier ReyesApr 12, 2024, 10:27 AM

Transformers #7

Transformers 7 Full Cover

Writer: Daniel Warren Johnson

Artist: Jorge Corona

Publisher: Skybound

Release Date: April 10, 2024

Page Count: 28

Format: Single-issue

Transformers #7 hits the ground running, wasting no time to shift the status quo for a new story arc that boasts a fresh look for the series. With Jorge Corona now as the lead artist for the comic, the Transformers enter a new saga full of intriguing surprises.

The Transformers are back from Skybound! That didn’t take long, did it? Daniel Warren Johnson is not taking his foot off the gas pedal and is throwing readers straight into his thrilling series’ second story arc. But this time around, artist Jorge Corona is joining the team to put his spin on the beloved franchise. With so many questions swirling around the direction of this incredible series, this was a comic I picked up immediately to see if the hype train would keep on chugging. So, what does this new story arc have in store for us? Check out my review of Transformers #7 below and find out!


With the dust settling from the intense battle for control of Teletraan 1, tensions are particularly high within the Decepticons. After their embarrassing loss to the Autobots, Soundwave believes Starscream is no longer fit to be the leader of their side. And according to their customs, combat is the only way to decide who is strong enough to take on the mantle. Meanwhile, the Autobots recoup the resources they have at their disposal to see what they can use to land the final blow on their reeling enemies.

Transformers 7 - Characters in actionImage: Skybound


The burning question on a lot of people’s minds coming into this issue was: What’s the new art going to be like for the series? Admittedly, I was a bit reluctant when I heard about the artist change because I’m a big fan of Daniel Warren Johnson’s distinct and aggressive style. But after reading this latest Transformers issue, I’m fully on board with Jorge Corona taking over the art duties for the series. While many people picked up these comics to enjoy Johnson’s art, I can assure you that Corona’s fantastic work matches the grit and spectacle that made the first story arc such an exciting read. Characters are as expressive and animated as ever. Then, when the action turns up, Corona’s art delivers plenty of impact and emotional intensity. This issue also made me realize how crucial colorist Mike Spicer is to the series. Even though the art style went through some noticeable changes, Spicer’s vibrant coloring helps keep visual consistency between the two arcs.

However, despite the big changes to the series, it’s fitting how there was no break or hiatus between the story arcs. Transformers #7 hits the ground running, wasting no time to shake up the story’s status quo. In my previous reviews, I talked so much about how I adore these versions of Optimus Prime and Starscream. After this issue, I must add Soundwave to that list of characters who are revelations in this series. The Soundwave in this issue is more ruthless and violent than ever, which may seem like a far cry from his usual stoic personality. But if you’ve been keen on the details throughout the story, you’ll know the fan-favorite Decepticon has his reasons for going a bit over the edge. DWJ again shows his knack for understanding the qualities that make these characters so beloved and then cranking them up to 11. With Soundwave forcibly taking on a greater role in this new story, it sets up intriguing directions for the arc to come.

Transformers 7 - Autobots clashingImage: Skybound

I do have one minor gripe about this issue. Only when I put it down did I realize how misleading the cover actually is. Not to give too much away, but the story’s progression vastly differs from what you’re led to believe from judging the cover alone. As much as I love seeing my boy Starscream get some shine from being on the cover, it was shocking, jarring, and a bit hilarious seeing the full story play out the way it does. Then again, the Transformers have always been about being “more than meets the eye.” This issue is a prime example of how the series is full of surprises that will take its story in bold new directions.

Final Thoughts

While I opened this review by proclaiming how the Transformers are “back,” it’s a bit of a misnomer because this issue shows how they never even left. It’s refreshing to read a series that wastes no time between arcs and jumps straight into its next exciting story. This series proves just how much of a creative powerhouse Daniel Warren Johnson is. Now that Jorge Corona is on board the Transformers team, this series is only going to pick up more speed from here. With so many intriguing story developments packed into just this one issue, the stage is set for this second arc to be just as explosive as the first.

Transformers 7 - Optimus prime talkingImage: Skybound

Why You Should Read Transformers

  • Jorge Corona is a fantastic lead artist to take over for the series.
  • Transformers continues its streak of delivering bold new versions of beloved characters.
  • There are teases from both the Autobots and Decepticon sides of the story.

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