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Transformers #9 Review: New Challengers Enter the Battle

The battle between the Autobots and Decepticons rages on in the latest issue of Transformers by Daniel Warren Johnson and Jorge Corona.

Transformers 9 Review Cover
Image: Skybound
By: Javier ReyesJun 13, 2024, 11:55 AM

Transformers #9

Transformers 9 Full Cover

Writer: Daniel Warren Johnson

Artist: Jorge Corona

Publisher: Skybound

Release Date: June 12, 2024

Page Count: 32

Format: Single-issue

The battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons enters a new and intriguing stage as Transformers #9 delivers an action-packed issue that introduces plenty of new players to the story.

While I don’t typically like to speak using superlatives, Transformers by Daniel Warren Johnson and Jorge Corona is really one of the best ongoing comics out these days. Even as a very light fan of the franchise, I have been hooked on the Transformers this past year, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Everything from the writing to the art is firing on all cylinders, making for one hell of a wild ride. But what keeps me reading month to month is how the comic constantly outdoes itself with each new issue. Transformers #9 is no different from that trend, as it introduces plenty of new characters into the mix with an action-packed story that showcases the good of the Autobots and the absolute evil of the Decepticons. Keep on reading for my review of the stellar new issue!


The Autobots take the fight straight to the Decepticons. But the heroes are too late to capitalize on their advantage as the Decepticons activate their trump card just in time. With a portal that connects Earth with Cybertron, Shockwave enters the fray. But he doesn’t come alone as Elita also sneaks through to assist the Autobots, not realizing what kind of battle she stepped into. Meanwhile, with the Cybertonians scrambling for the upper hand, Spike and Carly also go on adventures to discover their place in a new and changing world.

Transformers 9 - Optimus Prime and the other Autobots arrive at the battleImage: Skybound


With the Autobots and Decepticons colliding for another massive battle, Transformers #9 delivers a more visceral and action-packed story than the last issue. While most of this latest issue is an all-out fight between the two sides, there are also some cutaways that develop more of Spike and Carly’s individual stories. But more than being a visual feast of sparks and fire, the story evolves greatly because of the introduction of several new characters into the fold. Adding Shockwave and Elita into the mix adds plenty of new intriguing developments that I’m eager to see more of deeper into the arc. Even with their limited screen time so far, the new characters are already making a big impact on the story.

Issues like Transformers #9 are a great example of how excellent Daniel Warren Johnson is at maximizing the best and worst traits of the characters he has at his disposal. Shockwave, particularly, is a highlight in this issue as his menacing and calculating personality adds a new terrifying dynamic to the Decepticons. His interactions with Optimus and the Autobots show he’s not a character to mess with at all, and I’m excited to see what more messed up stuff he has cooking up. It’s genuinely surprising to see how devious the Decepticons can be now that Starscream’s more cartoonish villainy is out of the picture. If anything, this second arc has been great at showing a darker side of the Decepticons that drastically shifts the story’s tone.

Transformers 9 - Shockwave steps out of the portalImage: Skybound

As this is a very action-packed issue, the art is another best-in-class showing by the entire team. I’m always absorbed by how much emotion Jorge Corona injects into the Transformers’ facial expressions, especially during the more gut-wrenching moments in this issue. Then when the action starts pumping, the hits and fight choreography all look incredibly kinetic and impactful. As a big pro wrestling fan, I will always pop for Transformers busting out wrestling moves in the middle of a battle. But what really elevates this issue is the incredible color work by Mike Spicer. Whether it’s Optimus Prime clashing against Shockwave or Carly and Arcee driving through lush mountainous scenery, every scene pops with vibrant colors. Even after reading the issue, it’s a joy to flip through all the pages and see flashes of purples, reds, and greens as the Autobots and Decepticons try to rip each other's heads off. Carnage like this never looked so good, and I can’t get enough of it.

Transformers 9 - Shockwave and Optimus Prime face off against each otherImage: Skybound

Final Thoughts

If there’s one comic that deserves the tag of “required reading” these days, it's the Transformers. Daniel Warren Johnson, Jorge Corona, Mike Spicer, and Rus Wooton are all creators at the top of their game, putting out magic for this title. I’m constantly amazed by how the comic takes something as wonderfully nostalgic as the Transformers and presents it in bold and fresh ways. The sense of never knowing what will happen or who will show up next keeps me on the edge of my seat. The only downside to every issue is realizing that we’ve got to wait another month until the next one. This series is just too good to miss out on.

Why You Should Read Transformers

  • Additions on both the Autobot and Decepticon sides make for intriguing story developments. 
  • Daniel Warren Johnson excels at bringing out the distinct qualities of the characters.
  • Jorge Corona’s art is fantastic at making the action scenes kinetic and impactful.
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