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Void Rivals #5 Review: What Lies Beneath

Dive deeper into the exciting world of Void Rivals, the sci-fi epic by Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo de Felici!

Void Rivals 5 Review Cover
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesFeb 23, 2024, 2:14 AM

Void Rivals #5

Void Rival 5 Full Cover

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artist: Lorenzo de Felici

Publisher: Skybound

Release Date: October 24, 2023

Format: Single-issue

Void Rivals delivers a captivating issue filled with new faces, surprise revelations, and foreboding teases about what's to come.

Void Rivals is easily one of my favorite new series from Image this year. It hits all the right buttons for me with its cast of fascinating characters, futuristic world, and intriguing narrative. And, of course, its unique connection to the Transformers through the Energon Universe. It feels like there’s a new layer to uncover about the story with each release.

In this latest issue, the story of Void Rivals builds towards its first story arc finale. While it’s not the most explosive in terms of action, this installment delivers the strong character writing that makes the series such a great read. Let’s get to my review!

Darak and Solila in jailImage: Skybound


Darak and Solila assess their unfortunate situation in Zertonian jail. After everything they planned together, they both end up in the last place they want to be. But their pleasantries don’t last long because Darak gets taken away for questioning. Solila being alone in the cell is when she gets visited by familiar faces from her past. While they don’t physically harm Solila in any way, they want nothing but to reopen some old wounds she thought to be long gone.

Meanwhile, Darak gets put through hell in a torture chamber. It takes help from a surprising ally in the shadows to get him out. That shaky alliance is how he discovers something unexpected brewing within Zertonian society.

Mistress Vill entersImage: Skybound


This latest issue of Void Rivals is intriguing in a lot of ways. Despite being the lightest issue in terms of action, each scene delivers strong character development that adds new layers to the comic’s captivating story. The introduction of Mistress Vill, a new character with a fantastic design, sheds more light on Solila’s mysterious past before she became a warrior and pilot. Not only do these hints make Solila’s background more intriguing, but they also serve as a glimpse into the more zealous side of Zertonian society. I find it very telling how guarded Solila’s character is when it takes the sharp words of another character to rip the truth out of her. It’s clearer now more than ever that underneath that tough exterior is someone who’s broken and running away from their past.

Darak, on the other hand, continues his journey as the plucky and wise-cracking hero. It’s hilarious how, even while tortured, he can’t help but let a joke or two slide out. This issue made me realize Darak gives off strong Han Solo vibes, which makes his trusty Handroid the perfect fit as Chewy. Seeing his emotional response to such a dicey situation makes it more apparent how contrasting his character is to Solila’s. While Darak usually wears his heart and personality on his sleeve, Solila is one to keep her guard up with secrets close to the chest. Knowing more about each of their character quicks makes their “complicated” relationship feel all the more special.

A part of the issue that I also find particularly fascinating is the brief three-page side story involving the bounty hunter Skuxxoid and his captured Quintesson in tow. In my review of Void Rivals #4, I mentioned how the scene with him trying to sell the strange alien off to Shockwave felt out of place from the rest of the issue. Without giving away too much, this latest issue has Skuxxoid back with his cheeky antics. But this time, the ones he speaks to have something nefarious connected to the main story. The tease is something Transformers fans will want to keep a very close eye on as the story moves forward.

The child helps DarakImage: Skybound

Final Thoughts

Void Rivals #5 is the perfect build-up issue leading into its first story arc finale. By introducing a handful of new characters and dropping revelations about Zertonia and Solila’s past, the issue injects plenty of intrigue into an already captivating story. Issues like these are a testament to Robert Kirkman’s chops at putting together a compelling story with plenty of moving pieces. I’m deeply interested in seeing how these different threads connect as the story hits a major climax. Void Rivals continues to be a space opera lover’s dream of a comic book series.

Why You Should Read Void Rivals

  • This latest issue introduces plenty of new and intriguing characters.
  • Story threads are connecting as the comic heads into its story arc finale. 
  • The strong character writing makes the two leads more endearing in their own ways.
  • The comic can tell a captivating story even without many action sequences.
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