Webtoon Alternatives: 13 Vertical-Scrolling Comics Platforms

Can't get enough of reading webtoons? Discover the vast selection of platforms out there, each with incredible catalogs to dive into!

Solo Leveling
Image: Tapas
By: Javier ReyesMay 9, 2024, 6:25 AM

The world of webtoons is among the fastest-growing and most dynamic spaces in comics. Currently, Naver WEBTOON is undeniably at the top of the mountain with its immense selection of titles across every genre conceivable. It’s home to such popular titles as Lookism, Tower of God, True Beauty, and of course, Lore Olympus.

But as massive as WEBTOON’s presence is today, it only represents a portion of the world of webtoons and vertical-scrolling comics. This article will explore the different WEBTOON alternatives, each with a sea of diverse stories and imaginative creations. It attests to just how popular webtoons are as a medium when you consider so many different platforms are thriving with unique offerings, selections, and communities.

Here is our list of the 12 best sites and apps you need to check out for all your webtoon cravings!


Notable titles: Solo Leveling, Heartstopper, Eyes On Me

Popular genres: Romance, Drama, Action, Horror

Membership model: Freemium with purchasable “Ink” to unlock episodes

Solo LevelingImage: Tapas

Tapas offers one of the most extensive selections of titles to choose from within the webtoon and digital novel space. While working on a freemium business model, the platform offers plenty of weekly freebies, sales, and promos to make reading as fun and affordable as possible. Creators of all kinds are also free to publish their work, making the selection of titles for readers to explore even wider.


Notable titles: The Predator's Fiancée, Father I Don’t Want this Marriage, The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion

Popular genres: Romance, BL, Action

Membership model: Freemium with purchasable “Points” to unlock episodes

The Predator's FiancéeImage: TappyToon

TappyToon works in collaboration with other webtoon publishers, like Kakao and Comico, to produce translated webtoons on the platform. Readers also have the option to subscribe as a TappyToon Club member and get a bunch of Points and freebies monthly. On top of the great selection of webtoons, TappyToon also has an expansive library of web novels to dive into.


Notable titles: My Bride At Twilight, Honey, Don't Run Away, School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard

Popular genres: Romance, Fantasy, Action

Membership model: Freemium with purchasable “Gems” to unlock episodes

My Bride At TwilightImage: WebComics

WebComics welcomes creators and readers alike to be part of the growing platform. It’s home to a wide selection of original titles within the Romance, Slice of Life, and Fantasy genres. And just like Webtoon, small-time creators are welcome to post their own original stories on the platform for free. The platform also offers an app that’s packed with features like 1080p strips, fast download speeds, and comments sections to interact with other readers.

Lezhin Comics

Notable titles: The Pizza Delivery Man and the Gold Palace, Mad Dog, Elixir of the Sun

Popular genres: BL, Romance, Action

Membership model: Freemium with purchasable “Coins” to unlock episodes

Mad DogImage: Lezhin Comics

Founded in 2013, Lezhin Comics is among the first webtoon portals from South Korea. Over the last decade, the platform expanded its reach across Asia and the United States with its massive library of titles. Readers can enjoy a wide selection of free titles as well as regular sales throughout the platform.

Lezhin Comics also works in conjunction with its newly founded Lezhin Studios, a production company focused on adapting webtoons to film and television.


Notable titles: Love Jinx, Lady Devil, I've Become a True Villainess

Popular genres: Romance, Fantasy, BL

Membership model: Freemium with a paid subscription service

I've Become a True VillainessImage: Manta

Unlike the other popular platforms, Manta is among the first to provide a paid subscription service. It allows readers to binge to their heart’s content without having to worry about paying for access to each webtoon individually. And not only do they collaborate with creators for original stories, but they also produce in-house content that are big hits with their audience.


Notable titles: Pure Girl, The Heiress VS Young Ruffian, Tales of Demons and Gods

Popular genres: Romance, Comedy, Action

Membership model: Freemium with purchasable “Coins” to unlock episodes

Tales of Demons and GodsImage: MangaToon

MangaToon is among the most diverse platforms out there. Along with its wide selection of manhwas and webtoons, MangaToon also features text-based NovelToons for readers to explore. Budding creators are also free to upload their work to the platform for an opportunity to earn a contract.


Notable titles: Leviathan, The Book of Celestial Power, The Destroyer Fell in Love With Me

Popular genres: Drama, Romance, Action

Membership model: Freemium with purchasable “Coins” and VIP subscription

LeviathanImage: Toomics

Toomics is among the most consistent platforms with its weekly title updates. It’s gained popularity in recent years as a premier spot for more mature romance manhwas. The platform conveniently offers readers plenty of options on how they want to experience comics through either purchasable coins or a periodical subscription service.


Notable titles: Irreversible, Biting the Tiger, Sentimental Reasons

Popular genres: BL, Romance, Fantasy

Membership model: Freemium with purchasable “Coins” to unlock episodes

Biting the TigerImage: Netcomics

Netcomics is a Los Angeles-based publisher of manhwas, mangas, webtoons, and digital novels. It’s known for its massive selection of BL and Romance titles. For readers who want a little bit more spice, the site also has plenty of 18+ content to explore for registered users.

Pocket Comics/Comico

Notable titles: Nullitas: The Counterfeit Bride, I Can’t Keep Up With My Stallion Duke, My Husband is an Antisocial Count

Popular genres: Romance, Fantasy, BL, Action

Membership model: Freemium with purchasable “Coins” to unlock episodes

I Can’t Keep Up With My Stallion DukeImage: Pocket Comics

This Japan-based webtoon platform offers a balanced mix of mangas, manhwas, and original works in a vertical-scrolling format. Readers can rent issues or wait-until-free (WUF) if they are on a budget for reading webtoons. These reading options all help to make enjoying stories more affordable while still supporting creators.


Notable titles: Manner of Death, Stories After Dark, A Corporate Slave is Suddenly Isekai’d to a Better Company

Popular genres: Slice of Life, Horror, Fantasy

Membership model: Pay per chapter

 Stories After DarkImage: Tatesc Comics

Japan’s Kodakawa Group recently launched its line of vertical-scrolling mangas in a division titled Tatesc Comics. Since its debut in 2021, the line has expanded its selection to over 40 original titles from rising creators. Each of these books offers free chapters to enjoy. Readers can then purchase the rest of the chapters using either coins or currency.

INKR Comics

Notable titles: Apotheosis, Breed My Dear Enemy, Apocalyptic Super System

Popular genres: Action, Romance, Comedy, Horror

Membership model: Freemium with purchasable “Coins” to unlock episodes

ApotheosisImage: INKR Comics

INKR has one of the most diverse selections of mangas and manhwas from Japanese, Korean, and Chinese creators. Not only is INKR home to plenty of original works, but it also features popular manga titles from Kodansha in a vertical-scrolling format. For readers new to the platform, it will recommend titles based on an introductory survey focused on personal preference.

INKR Studio is the platform’s in-house localization suite. It helps creators have their works localized for different languages at a much more efficient pace.

Piccoma (Japan Only)

Notable titles: I Was Caught Up In A Hero Summoning, But That World Is At Peace, Dear Us Who Used To Be the “Ice Knight And The Failure Princess,” An Old Man From The Countryside Becomes A Swords Saint

Popular genres: Fantasy, Romance, Action

Membership model: Subscription service

I Was Caught Up In A Hero Summoning, But That World Is At PeaceImage: Picomma

As a subsidiary of Kakao, one of the biggest webtoon producers in the world, Piccoma has a vast selection of popular manhwas translated into Japanese. Today, it is the preferred platform for Japanese creators to publish their own vertical-scrolling works. Often described as the “Netflix of webtoons,” Piccoma offers a subscription service that lets readers dive into as many titles as they want for an affordable, monthly fee.


Notable titles: God Game, Linked Soul, Mad Gate

Popular genres: Action, Fantasy, Romance

Membership model: Freemium with purchasable “Coins” to unlock digital collectibles

God GameImage: Voyce

Voyce is an up-and-coming webtoon platform focused on building social connections between readers and creators. Readers earn XP and coins with every episode they read. These points can then be used to buy digital collectibles that directly support their favorite works and creators. The platform also features a leaderboard ranking the most avid readers to add just a bit of competition to the fun.

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