New Webtoon Originals to Binge During the Holidays

Looking for new webtoons to read? Don’t look far as we have you covered with the latest and greatest Webtoon Originals to read over the holidays!

New Webtoon Originals to Binge During the Holidays Cover
By: Hana May 9, 2024, 8:01 AM

Let’s pick up right where I left off last week! I am bringing you another list of new Webtoon Originals recommendations that will have you glued to your phone! Each of these webtoons hits you with their amazing art and captivating stories, making for great reads during these cheerful holidays! So with full bellies and happy hearts, let’s jump into some incredible webtoons! And as always, I hope you enjoy these webtoons as much as I did!

Cry, or Better Yet, Beg

By VANJ and Solche

Genre: Drama

Updates every Sunday

Episodes: 10

Cry or Better Yet BegImage: Webtoon

Cry, Or Better Yet, Beg” is the story of Layla. All her life she has been thrown from one place to another after losing her father to illness. The young girl eventually finds herself in the care of a distant relative living in the neighboring empire of Berg. In Berg, Layla makes a family out of the servants of the Duke Herhardt’s. But her quiet and calm life changes when she catches the eye of the Duke himself.

Adapted from one of the most popular web novels in South Korea, this webtoon is one immense drama and romance story to read. Drawn by the very talented artist VANJ, the creator of Mystique and Winter Woods, the art immaculately conveys the innocence and whimsy of characters through jaw-dopping facial expressions and beautifully detailed designs.

Cinderella Boy

By Punko

Genre: Comedy

Updates every Tuesday

Episodes: 9

Cinderella Boy CoverImage: Webtoon

Cinderella Boy is like a storybook that takes you right into the story! The story follows Chase after he finds a key that allows him to get inside a storybook and wish for anything he wants! The catch? He isn’t the only one with the key. Can Chase play the perfect damsel in distress and finish the story?

This webtoon is by Punko, the creator of the hit horror series Stagtown. Which I’m sure comes as a surprise if you’re familiar with that webtoon. Cinderella Boy is completely different with its colorful art and humorous tone, making it the perfect read to get out of reality.

Dungeons and Dentists

By Tricia Rose

Genre: Fantasy and Slice of Life

Updates every Thursday

Episodes: 10

Dungeons and Dentists CoverImage: Webtoon

A normal day in pediatric dentist Sandy’s life is an office filled with kids running in and out with smiles on their faces. But on one not-so-normal day, a man dressed as an Orc barges into her clinic, demanding her to fix his tusks! From that fateful day, a fun and fantastical love story begins.

Dungeons and Dentists is a fun slice-of-life fantasy webtoon that is cute to the fullest! There’s just something heartwarming about seeing a giant Orc running around playing with kids inside the dentist's office. The love story that’s brewing is also a treat because of how Sandy doesn’t even question the existence of Orcs or the possibility of another dimension. It’s cute, fluffy, and a short read if that's what you are in the mood for!

Killer Peter

By Kim Junghyun and Lim Lina

Genre: Drama and Action

Updates every Thursday

Episodes: 10

Killer Peter CoverImage: Webtoon

Peter devoted his entire life working for Glory Club. But after retiring his legendary status, Glory Club repaid him by going after his life. It’s from the near-death experience that Peter finds his body magically transformed back to his teenage self. Can he get revenge on the people who killed his old self and live a life that he won’t regret?

Killer Peter is created by the very talented duo of Lim Lina, creator of White Blood (one of my favorite vampire webtoons out there), and Kim Junghyun, creator of Viral Hit and Brave Citizen. From name value alone, this webtoon starts with high expectations. With its complex panels of action and drama, something both Lim Lina and Kim Junghyun are known for, this webtoon does not disappoint! Then even with such great action and drama sequences, it’s also surprisingly hilarious. Just good stuff all around with this one!


By Idolomantises

Genre: Slice of Life

Updates every Saturday

Episodes: 8

Bugtopia CoverImage: Webtoon

Welcome to Bugtopia, a land of bugs of all kinds living in harmony! From a spider mom and her ladybug son to a wasp knight and a bee princess, you will find them all in Bugtopia! This wholesome story is all about meeting new bugs and discovering more about their simple ways of life!

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