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Our 10 Most Anticipated Graphic Novels of the Year

Dive into our picks of the best graphic novels we are most excited about this year from DC, Marvel, Image Comics, Fantagraphics, and more.

10 Best Graphic Novels of the Year
By: Javier ReyesJul 9, 2024, 9:43 AM

2024 has been a stacked year in comics. While Image Comics has been killing it with its immense library of awesome titles, there are so many great graphic novels to read from other publishers like Fantagraphics, Dark Horse Comics, Humanoids, and many more. Since we’re officially entered the second half of 2024, I see this as the best time to pick out what I think are going to be the best graphic novels to release later this year. I put together this list with every kind of reader in mind, as there’s even a little bit of Marvel and DC mixed in there for a change. So, with that said, let’s get to my picks of graphic novels for the year! 

Your Letter Vol. 1

By Hyeon A Cho

Ize Press

July 23, 2024

Your Letter Vol. 1 TPImage: Ize Press

Part of Ize Press’ growing lineup of licensed webtoon graphic novels, Your Letter is the charming story about a young girl’s search for acceptance after finding a mysterious letter left behind by someone whom she shares a deep connection with. Originally published on Webtoon, Your Letter is a heartwarming and beautifully made webtoon you can binge-read in one sitting. Even as someone not so heavy into webtoons, this series hooked me from start to finish. I can’t wait to see how the touching webtoon translates into a graphic novel, as I’m eager to have it part of my collection.

Search and Destroy Vol. 1

By Atsushi Kaneko and Osamu Tezuka


July 23, 2024

Search and Destroy Vol. 1Image: Fantagraphics

Originally published in the Japanese magazine TezuComi, Search and Destroy reimagines Osamu Tezuka’s masterpiece Dororo in a dystopian future setting. Created by visionary mangaka Atsushi Kaneko, this series tells the vengeful story of a mysterious girl connected to the killings of powerful robots known as “creatures.” Through this graphic novel by Fantagraphics, new readers will get to experience reading one of the best sci-fi manga in recent years in pristine glory. 

H.P. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu Vol. 1

By Gou Tanabe and Zack Davisson

Dark Horse Comics

July 30, 2024

H.P. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu Vol. 1 TPImage: Dark Horse Comics

Gou Tanabe’s manga adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories have all been killer, and this latest graphic novel is the one fans have been waiting a long time finally to see in English. Arguably Lovecraft’s most famous horror story, The Call of Cthulhu tells the haunting tale of an investigator piecing together the existence of an ancient and dormant entity worshipped by secret cults around the world. It’s a timeless story that serves as the blueprint of “cosmic horror.” It will be incredible to see the story brought to life in chilling detail by one of the modern masters of horror manga. 

Hanami: You, Me, & 200 Sq Ft in Japan

By Julia Cejas


August 06, 2024

Hanami_ You, Me, & 200 Sq Ft in JapanImage: Humanoids

This one is a bit of a wild card for me. Hanami is a charming graphic novel about the lives of Jen and Marc, a millennial couple who bet on themselves and uprooted to move to Japan. The story chronicles their journey of living in a tiny apartment, learning Japanese, and acclimating themselves to the local culture. I call this my “wild card” because I know very little about it beyond its solicitation and preview pages. But from everything I’ve seen and read, I’m intrigued to read a graphic novel with as much fascination for Japanese culture as I do.

House of the Unholy

By Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, and Jacob Phillips

Image Comics

August 14, 2024

House of the Unholy HCImage: Image Comics

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, the dynamic duo of crime graphic novels, are back this year for their most haunting comic yet. House of the Unholy follows the story of an FBI agent and a woman with ties to the Satanic Panic movement as they investigate an insane killer lurking in their city’s underworld. While details about the new graphic novel are sparse, a Brubaker and Phillips release is something always worth being on the radar. If you haven’t gotten to experience their mastery at work, pick up a comic like Night Fever and see what creators at the top of their game can do.

Beyond Real: The Complete Series

By Zack Kaplan, Fabiana Mascolo, Toni Fejzula, Vincenzo Riccardi, Dennis Menheere, Jorge Corona, Luana Vecchio, Liana Kangas, Jordie Bellaire, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Vault Comics

August 21, 2024

Beyond Real_ The Complete SeriesImage: Vault Comics

To call Beyond Real an “ambitious” miniseries is an understatement. The comic explores concepts of The Simulation Theory through the emotional journey of June, a woman seeking answers to save the man she loves. She breaks through reality to find the source of what is controlling her world. But what makes the series so special is that each step of June’s strange journey is brought to life by different artists. Writer Zack Kaplan is joined by a fantastic lineup of artists including Fabiana Mascolo, Toni Fejzula, Jorge Corona, Luana Vecchio, and more to tell this wonderful story centered on love and self-discovery. It’s a journey like no other and it will be a trip to see the whole comic series in one collected graphic novel

Batman: City of Madness

By Christian Ward

DC Comics

September 03, 2024

Batman_ City of Madness HCImage: DC Comics

Christian Ward is an artist whose work is instantly recognizable from just a glance. His blend of vibrant colors with psychedelic, dream-like visuals gives an otherworldly look to everything he creates. So, to see his take on the dark and gritty world of Batman has been a sight to behold. This standalone story has the Dark Knight investigating a hidden city known as Gotham Below, a place populated by nightmarish versions of the citizens of Gotham City. The graphic novel is a classic Batman story with immense cosmic horror twists. But the real kicker is how gorgeous this graphic novel will look when it’s published using DC Black Label’s stunning Prestige Plus format. 

Ultimate X-Men Vol. 1: Fears and Hates

By Peach Momoko

Marvel Comics

November 05, 2024

Ultimate X-Men Vol. 1_ Fears and Hates TPImage: Marvel Comics

As a lifelong X-Men fan, I’ll admit that I have biases for the mutant of Marvel. But this particular series deserves a special mention. Made by the super creative Peach Momoko, the new Ultimate X-Men puts a fantastic spin on the franchise unlike anything seen before. It’s a horror story with slice-of-life twists about the origins of a lesser-known character named Armor. So not only does it explore a fresh genre for the franchise, but it also puts a spotlight on characters with so much untapped potential in the universe. What’s more, Momoko’s gorgeous artwork alone should be reason enough to want this horror graphic novel on your shelf.

We Called Them Giants

By Kieron Gillen, Stephanie Hans, and Clayton Cowles

Image Comics

November 12, 2024

We Called Them Giants HCImage: Image Comics

Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans, the creative team behind the hit series Die, are back for a new enchanting graphic novel from Image Comics. Billed as “The Walking Dead meets The Iron Giant”, this standalone graphic novel will be the team’s take on an emotional post-apocalyptic story. Just like my sentiments about House of the Unholy, even though we still know very little about We Called Them Giants, the pedigree of the creative is what has me eager to pick this up later this year.

The One Hand & The Six Fingers

By Dan Watters, Ram V., Laurence Campbell, Sumit Kumar, Lee Loughridge, Aditya Bidika, and Tom Muller

Image Comics

December 10, 2024

The One Hand & The Six FingersImage: Image Comics

This is a big one for me! The One Hand and The Six Fingers have easily been among my favorite comics this year, and to have both stories in one graphic novel will be killer to own. The dual narratives of Detective Ari Nassar and the One Hand Killer will take you on a wild ride through the dark and futuristic city of Neo Novena. The overarching story has a great sense of progression as each issue unravels more truths about the characters’ strange intertwined fates. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the series yet, then this graphic novel will be the quintessential way to experience its engrossing story.

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