5 Short Drama Webtoons Worth Binge-Reading

Take your pick of some of the best drama webtoons you can binge-read to your heart’s content!

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By: Hana Jan 25, 2024, 9:55 PM

If you enjoyed our last list of short webtoons to binge over the weekend, you should check out this next batch of recommendations! We’re doing things a little bit different this time. This week’s list focuses on drama webtoons kept within more or less than just 50 episodes. While these webtoons are a bit longer than the ones we recommended last time, the extra chapters are definitely worth diving into! You’re sure to find something amazing in this week’s webtoon recommendations.

As always, I hope you enjoy these webtoons as much as I did!

Our Beloved Summer 

By Han Hyoung Chal and Lee Neaun

Genre: Romance, Slice of Life 

Episodes: 35

Our Beloved Summer webtoonImage: Webtoon

Fans of the South Korean Netflix drama of the same name will be surprised to know that Webtoon released a prequel comic following the series’ success. The webtoon’s story takes place a few years before the events of the show when the protagonists are still in high school. 

It’s the classic odd-couple story. Yeonsu is the class’ top student, while Wung nonchalantly sits at the bottom. But sparks fly between them when they are chosen as representatives for their school documentary. Despite their clashing grades and personalities, the two experience an unforgettable summer filled with discovery and new feelings. 

Family Man

By Pillwon Jung

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 41

Family Man webtoonImage: Webtoon

As a father of two, Gang-ho works his butt off at the local factory to make a good living. He constantly works overtime, barely sleeping three hours a day to provide for his family. But because of his fatigue, he gets into an accident in the plant that leaves his face badly burned. The factory eventually lets him go with just a lump sum to avoid legal repercussions. To make matters worse, Gang-ho believes he can’t go home knowing his daughter will be terrified of his face. With few options left, Gang-ho decides to help his family in a unique way: By becoming his daughter’s favorite superhero.

Don’t let this webtoon’s comedic art style fool you, Family Man is one of the best drama webtoons you can read right now. In just 41 episodes, the webtoon tells a heartfelt story about love and loyalty. It shows just how far a loving father is willing to go to provide for the only family he has left. 

Taste of Illness

By Ilkwon Ha

Genre: Drama

Episode: 26

Taste of Illness webtoonImage: Webtoon

After experiencing a traumatic incident, Yijun decides to stop trying to make friends. He grows to like his loneliness and the smaller circle of people he keeps around him. However, he eventually gets partnered with another loner in school for a group project. As Yijun gets closer to the mysterious girl, he realizes everyone has their own demons to fight against.

Taste of Illness is a webtoon that masterfully depicts the darkness people experience from depression and anxiety. Through its incredible art and unique use of symbolism, this drama webtoon delivers one beautifully emotional story.

Trigger warning: Domestic Violence, Depression, and Anxiety attacks.

Death's Games

By Lee Wonsik & Ggulchan

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 66

Death's Game webtoonImage: Webtoon

After failing to land another job, Yijae decides to end his life. He didn’t want to live as a loser with no job or money. It doesn’t help that his ex-girlfriend is engaged while he is still stuck in the same place. Believing the only way to escape his miserable life is to end it, Yijae jumps off a building. But Death has other plans for him, as Yijae gets another shot at living a brand-new life.

Death Games is an amazing journey about what it’s like to live through the different stages of struggle. Many more will soon discover the beauty of this story, as it’s being adapted into a K-Drama next year.


By kennsaty

Genre: Drama, Coming Of Age and Friendship

Episodes: 54

Blue webtoonImage: Webtoon

Juni can see ghosts, but it’s not as cool as books make it out to be. The young girl has lived her life pretending not to see the terrifying ghosts as a means of her own survival. That is until she meets a peculiar ghost with no memories who only wants to be her friend. It turns out Jimmy, our cutie ghost boy, is who brings the light to Juni’s dark life. 

Blue is easily among the best stories I read in 2023. From its beautifully nuanced writing to its stunning pastel-colored art, every aspect of this webtoon hooked me from start to finish. I even feel the webtoon’s soft art blindsides you on how emotional its story can get. It is a tearjerker. I can’t recommend this webtoon enough if you love experiencing emotional rollercoasters.

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