7 Best Webtoons Reddit is Obsessed With: Horror Edition

Discover which webtoon titles have been the source of nightmares for brave Redditors who love dark and twisted horror stories.

7 Horror Webtoons from Reddit
By: Javier ReyesFeb 5, 2024, 8:55 AM

If you ever have a craving to discover new Webtoons to read, Reddit is one of the best places to look for recommendations. In a post highlighting some of our favorite completed webtoons to binge without Daily Pass, plenty of Redditors were happy to share with us their picks. It’s from there we discovered a treasure trove of titles we never knew existed. What stood out the most was the immense selection of dark and twisted horror webtoons to dive into. In this list, we explore bone-chilling stories that are best read with all the lights turned off. Many of these will open your eyes to the horrifying possibilities of webtoons as a comic medium. It’s time to get spooky!

Survival Diary

By SSurplus man

New episodes every Saturday

Survival DiaryImage: Webtoon

Set in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies, “Survival Diary” is about the strange afterlife of Lynn, a red-eyed zombie girl. Unlike the mindless corpses who walk the streets, Lynn retains her ability to speak, think independently, and feel human emotions. She eventually meets Rawin, a kindhearted and optimistic man searching for his missing wife and son. As the two embark on their journey of survival, the story reveals more of their pasts and the dark secrets they keep. If you’re a fan of the Last of Us, this webtoon is right up your alley!

Everything is Fine

By Mike Birchall

New episodes every Monday (on hiatus)

Everything is FineImage: Webtoon

Everything is Fine” is a deceptive dive into a cheerful neighborhood of cat people. This slice of horror subverts expectations with its striking juxtaposition of cutesy art and dark undertones. The story follows the lives of Sam and Maggie, a seemingly ideal couple. But beneath the surface of their picture-perfect life, a sinister reality lurks. With a tone reminiscent of "The Stepford Wives", this webtoon masterfully unfurls a narrative that's both captivating and horrifying, where behind the pastel colors lies a narrative rife with twists, making it an enthralling binge-read for those with a stomach for darker tales. Contrary to what its cover tells you, this is one of the best webtoons you'll read that's packed with gruesome violence.

Surviving Romance

By Lee Yone

New episodes every Thursday

Surviving RomanceImage: Webtoon

Surviving Romance” is a love story with a deadly twist. High schooler Chaerin Eun one day wakes up as the protagonist of her favorite romance novel. But on the day when the dashing male lead, Jeha, is supposed to confess his love to her, he transforms into a bloodthirsty zombie and eats her alive. That took a strange turn, didn’t it? Luckily for Chaerin, If you can call it luck, she wakes up again to repeat that fateful day. In a story that’s part “Groundhog Day” and part “All of Us Are Dead,” continues living that horrific day to figure out how she can make it to her real happily ever after.

Tales of the Unusual

By Sungdae Oh

Completed (needs Daily Pass)

Tales of the UnusualImage: Webtoon

Unlike other webtoons that follow a singular narrative, “Tales of the Unusual” presents a horror anthology series that delves into eerie and terrifying stand-alone stories. Each tale is broken up into multiple parts, introducing new characters and horrors. Inspired by myths and urban legends, these stories range from violently macabre to psychologically unsettling. This is the perfect series for readers who love sinking their teeth into bite-sized ghost stories. While some stories might send shivers down the spine, others prompt introspection, challenging readers to contemplate human nature, societal norms, and the boundaries of reality.

Beetle Hands

By Herhumanist

Completed (needs Daily Pass)

Beetle HandsImage: Webtoon

Beetle Hands” is a mind-bending story about two friends trapped in a realm where one’s memories transform into living nightmares. Heartland is where Matthew must save his friend Kenma from being devoured by a relentless monster known only as “The Beast.” Each chapter takes you deeper into the dark world, greeting you with increasingly horrific and psychedelic visuals. Few webtoons are this artistically captivating as you never know what terrifying sight you’ll see next with each gripping chapter.


By Punko

Completed (no Daily Pass)

StagtownImage: Webtoon

Frankie is just a small-town girl who returns home and learns that the place she grew up in is much stranger than it seems. In “Stagtown,” weird and horrifying occurrences happen daily. The little mountain town has everything from monster cameras stalking townsfolk to eerie haunted houses. The thing people can do about these is live their lives as normally as possible. The webtoon is reminiscent of the classic video game “Silent Hill” as it follows the tortured life of an ordinary person trying to navigate through a very creepy town.


By A.Rasen

Completed (needs Daily Pass)

GremoryLandImage: Webtoon

GremoryLand” follows six friends on their trip through the world’s most twisted amusement park. But once the ride starts, the only way to get off is to survive what the demented park has in store for them. Told like a classic slasher flick, this webtoon delves into the lives of six individuals as their bodies and sanity are pushed to the absolute limit. It’s both thrilling and disturbing following the guests go through each ride and face unimaginable horrors. The story wastes no time in thrusting you straight into a wild rollercoaster ride of a nightmare.

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