13 Finished Webtoons You Can Binge Without Daily Pass

Discover a great selection of fun and heartwarming webtoons you can read from start to finish worry-free!

The Stories of Those Around Me
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By: Javier ReyesFeb 5, 2024, 8:57 AM

UPDATE: We've added five new titles to this list, totaling the count up to thirteen series you can check out!

Ever want to just read a webtoon from start to finish and not worry about such things like coins or daily passes? You’ll be happy to know there are a bunch of great and completed titles that are totally free to read! The beauty of Webtoon is how you can find just about every kind of story you can imagine. From heartwarming romance stories to hilarious fantasy tales, we’ve put together a list of some of the best webtoons you can read worry-free. So sit back and scroll through these incredible stories you can binge-read to your heart’s content.


By Archie the Redcat

Genre: Romance, Sci-fi

Episodes: 243

EggnoidImage: Webtoon

"Eggnoid" is about a high school girl named Ran whose lonely life changes when she is visited by a strange giant egg that hatches into a handsome young man. What’s inside the egg is an Eggnoid, a human-like creature that is gifted to select individuals who are suffering from severe loneliness. The webtoon explores the growing relationship between Ran and the aptly named Eggy as they discover more about themselves and their strange world. While Ran comes to grips with the trauma of losing her parents and living a lonely life, Eggy learns more about humans and the importance of connections, love, and friendship.

This webtoon presents an engaging blend of drama, romance, and comedy. But in a unique twist, the series delves into sci-fi elements in its exploration of Eggnoids’ true nature. At 243 episodes long, there’s plenty to enjoy in this lighthearted webtoon about overcoming loneliness in a strange and unique world.

Gourmet Hound

By Leehama

Genre: Drama, Slice-of-life

Episodes: 171

Gourmet HoundImage: Webtoon

In "Gourmet Hound," Lucy is a woman with an exceptional palate who discovers her favorite restaurant changed its entire kitchen staff. That prompts her to set out on a journey to meet the different chefs that played a hand in creating the food she’s loved for years. Through her incredible taste and smell, she is slowly able to piece together what she considers to be the “perfect taste” and reconnect with why the dinner table is so sacred to her.

Overflowing with heartwarming moments, laughter, and mouth-watering dishes, “Gourmet Hound” serves up a delicious story about food, friendship, and self-discovery. Each character has a rich and unique personality, making Lucy’s journey feel colorful and diverse. Moreover, creator Leehama's masterful depiction of food brings every scene to life. You’ll want to eat this whole series up after getting just a taste from its opening episodes.

Clinic of Horrors

By Merryweather and PokuriMio

Genre: Supernatural, Comedy

Episodes: 91

Clinic of HorrorsImage: Webtoon

"Clinic of Horrors" follows the story of nurse Bianca Abercrombie and Dr. Albright as they treat all manner of strange diseases and injuries, no matter the cost. In a gloomy world filled with ghosts, zombies, and monsters, Albright Clinic is where ordinary people can go to get fixed up. Whether someone needs an extremely horrific operation performed or just a prescription of some questionable drugs, Dr. Albright and Nurse Bianca are more than happy to supply their services. A doctor’s work is never done, after all. Especially when there’s heaps of money to be made.

This webtoon is a quick and fun read for people who love playful, anime-inspired art styles. Creators Merryweather and PokuriMio are great at juxtaposing the cheerful and vibrant looks of the main characters against a world that’s dark and twisted. With how outrageous the world of this webtoon can be, you can never expect what strange new adventure Nurse Bianca and Dr. Albright go on next.

Let's Play 

By Mongie

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 192

Let's PlayImage: Webtoon

"Let's Play" is about Sam Young’s life as an ambitious video game developer. As a woman trying to make it in a very competitive industry, Sam finds romance brewing in plenty of unexpected places. Especially when Marshall Law, the famous Viewtuber who gave Sam’s game a scathing review, turns out to be her new neighbor.

Full of passion, memes, and doggos, “Let’s Play” is a level up from other romance webtoons as it has an engaging blend of drama, comedy, and insight into the gaming world. The characters are well-rounded, each with their unique backstory and character development, making their story fun to read through. Sam is easily admirable for her passion for games and her resilience in facing the toughest stages of her life.

Always Human

By walkingnorth

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 84

Always HumanImage: Webtoon

"Always Human" takes place in a future where nanobots allow people to easily mod their appearances and abilities. The story revolves around Sunati, a young woman smitten by Austen, a woman who can’t use mods because of a rare immune disorder called Egan’s Syndrome. The series follows their relationship as they experience the struggles and joys of being human in a futuristic and somewhat artificial world.

This webtoon is beloved for its heartwarming and inclusive representation of LGBTQ+ relationships. Central to the story is how Sunati and Austen see life from different perspectives. For Sunati, mods greatly improve the quality of her daily life. Meanwhile, Austen experiences life “the old-fashioned way” without mods, making her move at a much slower pace than everyone else. But despite their differences, the two share a fascinating and heartwarming dynamic that’s a joy to read.

Magical 12th Graders

By seri and Biwan

Genre: Superhero

Episodes: 143

Magical 12th GradersImage: Webtoon

"Magical 12th Graders" is the story of Yeorum, a high school who wakes up from a nap to find her biology teacher and best friend Aran dressed up as magical girls and fighting monsters. The webtoon puts a unique spin on the “magical girl” trope that’s common in Japanese anime by having the lead hero face off against strange and fantastical monsters in an alternate dimension. Yeorum not only grapples with magical villains but also faces the mundane yet often harsh realities of teenage life, including friendships, romantic interests, bullying, and the pressure of academics.


By Shren Patel and Emi MG

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy

Episodes: 110

AxedImage: Webtoon

Axelia is probably the unluckiest hero in the world of “Axed.” She trained her whole life to become a professional monster hunter. Then on her graduation day, humans and monsters agreed to have an eternal peace treaty. What good are her axe-wielding skills now? She ends up landing a desk job at an employment agency. But as boring as that sounds, that quaint little office is where she meets the coolest cast of mystical characters that show her there’s more to life than just blood and violence.

“Axed” is a beloved webtoon for its cute fantasy setting, lighthearted story, and relatable characters. Axelia’s journey through adult life is as fun as it’s fantastical. Despite how unfortunate things turned out for her, she manages to connect with friends that are just as clueless as she is. You’ll cut through this series like a hot knife because of how engaging it is to read.

The Stories of Those Around Me


Genre: Romance, Slice-of-life

Episodes: 60

The Stories of Those Around MeImage: Webtoon

"The Stories of Those Around Me" is a slice-of-life story about three friends who share the same age but live totally different lives. Mira is a beautiful, successful, and single woman who dreams about marriage. Jung-A is an editing designer whose been living with her boyfriend for five years. Then Summer is a happy-go-lucky girl with no job, dream, or worries in her life. The webtoon realistically portrays the joys and struggles faced by young adults, ranging from career decisions to love-life dilemmas.

One of the key appeals of the webtoon is how well-developed the characters are. Their experiences, whether they are heartbreaks, victories, or simple day-to-day occurrences, are depicted with sincerity, resonating with the readers' own experiences. "The Stories of Those Around Me" is a compelling read for those who enjoy slice-of-life stories that focus on personal growth and relationships.

Melvina's Therapy

By A.Rasen

Genre: Horror

Episodes: 81

Melvina's TherapyImage: Webtoon

"Melvina's Therapy" is a psychological horror webtoon that explores the dark secrets lurking in the deepest recesses of people’s minds. Melvina is what you’d call an unconventional therapist. Instead of simply connecting with her patients, she pears straight into their minds to explore their darkest fears, traumas, and most twisted thoughts.

The webtoon unfolds as a series of dark and macabre stories about the patients that take a seat inside Melvina’s office. All while slowly unraveling the mystery behind Melvina herself. The stories are filled with plenty of neat references to classic films, literature, and even video games. The writer meticulously breaks down the different elements of their story at the end of each arc, making it a fun treat for readers. If you love fast-paced horror stories, this is one of the best webtoons you can find!

My Kitty and Old Dog

By cho

Genre: Slice of Life

Episodes: 213

My Kitty and Old DogImage: Webtoon

"My Kitty and Old Dog" is a heartwarming series that follows the lives of Soondae, a cuddly young kitten, and Nang-Nak, an old poodle who can barely see and walk. Told from the perspective of the two cute pets, the webtoon delves into what goes on in their heads and the tenderness they feel from their loving owners. Each episode feels like a gentle reminder of how much pets can love their owners without having a say a word. Even at 200+ episodes, the series is a quick read and packed with plenty of heart. This is a series pet owners will love to binge through. Most likely while cuddling with their own furbabies beside them.


By Pillwon Jung

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 42

FAMILY MANImage: Webtoon

How far would you go to protect your children? “FAMILY MAN” tells the inspiring story of Gang-ho, a former factory worker whose face got horribly scarred from saving a co-worker from a fiery accident at the warehouse. After getting let go from his job, Gang-ho returns home and inadvertently scares his young daughter with his scarred face. Afraid of putting his daughter through that fright again, Gang-ho dons the mask of her favorite superhero, Gugu-Man, to protect her from the everyday dangers of living in Seoul.

This charming webtoon seamlessly blends laugh-out-loud comedy and heartwarming drama as it follows the life of a father whose superpowers are fueled by the love of his family. You’ll be gripped to see what kind of hijinks Gugu-Man finds himself in in every episode.

Under the Aegis


Genre: Fantasy

Episodes: 92

Under the AegisImage: Webtoon

Under the Aegis” follows the magical journey of Mattie, a young and kindhearted girl who’s destined to achieve great things using the ancient sword anointed to her. Along with the five other chosen wielders of ancient weapons, Mattie must search for the missing piece of their fellowship and reestablish peace within their world. The series meticulously crafts a unique world that blends classic fantasy aesthetics with some touches of modern technology. Episodes constantly introduce new characters and creatures that make the world feel vibrant and full of life.

The biggest draw to this series is the dynamics between the different characters. Readers who love Dungeons & Dragons will feel right at home following this eccentric party of heroes and misfits. It’s really their growing friendship that ties this whole series together.

The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn

By Tri Vuong

Genre: Fantasy

Episodes: 105

The Strange Tales of Oscar ZahnImage: Webtoon

If Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, were to make a webtoon, then I can imagine it looking something like this series. “The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn” follows the titular Oscar Zahn as he traverses a strange world investigating all sorts of paranormal phenomena. He sees it as his duty to guild lost souls to their final destination and protect them from violent demonic entities. Don’t let his skeletal appearance fool you, he’s got skin thick enough to chase after the weirdest cases imaginable head-on.

What makes the webtoon truly captivating is its art. As I hinted at earlier, the linework is dark, atmospheric, and unlike most comics you see on the website. It’s a fun ride following the story and never knowing what new strange challenge Oscar must face in his dark adventures.

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