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Best Graphic Novels of the Week: July 03, 2024

Discover what new graphic novels you can pick up this week from Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, and BOOM! Studios.

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By: Javier ReyesJul 2, 2024, 9:30 AM

We’ve got something new for this week! More than picking out the best indie comics coming out this week, we’re also taking a look at some of the best new graphic novels! These range from releases by some of the biggest publishers, like Image Comics, Skybound, Dark Horse Comics, and BOOM! Studios. There are plenty of great books to choose from, all of which would look great on your collection shelf. So after checking out this list, be sure to pull up to your local comic book shop or bookstore and pick out any of these fantastic graphic novels!

Invincible Vol. 4 New Edition TP

By Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley, and Bill Crabtree

Invincible Vol. 4 New Edition TP coverImage: Skybound

These all-new definitive softcover editions of Invincible have been great for new readers to get into the comic’s incredible story! Collecting Invincible #20-24 and Invincible #0, this trade paperback has Mark still reeling from Omniman’s betrayal against the world. But while he faces off against new villains, his toughest challenge is dealing with a confusing love life. Fans of the hit Amazon animated series should check out these stellar graphic novels! 

Madman Library Edition Vol. 6 HC

By Michael Allred, Laura Allred, and Han Allred

Madman Library Edition Vol. 6 HC coverImage: Dark Horse Comics

It’s time to step into the zaniness of Michael Allred’s beloved Madman universe! This sixth volume in the library edition series collects the final pieces in the universe, including Grafik Muzik #1-4, Graphique Musique #1-3, Madman in Your Face 3D Special, X-Ray Robot, and more! Don’t miss out on the fun of this charming and beloved graphic novel series! 

Subgenre HC

By Matt Kindt, Wilfredo Torres, and Bill Crabtree

Subgenre HC coverImage: Image Comics

The creators of BANG!, Matt Kindt and Wilfredo Torres, are back together for a new mind-bending murder mystery! The graphic novel follows the adventure of a private detective in a dystopian cyberpunk future as he attempts to solve a harrowing triple murder case. The twist is that every time the detective falls asleep, he wakes up as an adventurer in a magical fantasy world. Unravel the mystery of a man living two lives and see if he has what it takes to keep his sanity intact.

1949 HC

By Dustin Weaver

1949 HC coverImage: Image Comics

Explore this unique story set within the futuristic world of Dustin Weaver’s Paklis. This comic’s story follows Detective Blank, a dedicated cop from 1949 with very peculiar dreams. Every night, she is transported 200 years into the future. But as absurd as her dreams may be, they ultimately hold the key to solving the murder case she dedicated her life to. Don’t miss out on this thrilling graphic novel if you’re a fan of genre-bending noir comics! 

Stephen McCranie's Space Boy Vol. 19 TP

By Stephen McCranie

Stephen McCranies Space Boy Vol. 19 TP coverImage: Dark Horse Comics

Stephen McCranie's hit webtoon-turned-graphic novel continues with this latest volume in the series! The team continues to put the pieces together about Amy’s disappearance. While Cassie and Zeph uncover more clues in their search, Amy and Qiana continue their investigation of the FCP. With so many developments, the plot thickens even more in this long-running graphic novel series! 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Unlimited Power Vol. 1 TP

By Ryan Parrott, Marco Renna, Francesco Mortarino, Simone Ragazzoni, Walter Baiamonte, Raúl Angulo, and Igor Monti

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers_ Unlimited Power Vol. 1 TP coverImage: BOOM! Studios

The past and present collide in this new Power Rangers graphic novel from BOOM Studios. While an all-new team of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers faces off against Lord Zedd, the original Power Rangers, now known as the Omega Rangers, must defeat a new cosmic threat before it's too late. Fans of the beloved franchise should not miss this massive event!

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