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Best Indie Comics: Week of June 26, 2024

Take your picks of some of the best new indie comics releasing this week from Image, BOOM! Studios, Dark Horse, and Magma Comix!

Best Indie Comics 06262024
By: Javier ReyesJun 24, 2024, 9:30 AM

We’ve got a big week in indie comics coming our way! While I say that often, this week is truly deserving of the praise. Not only are we getting more Energon Universe goodness from Skybound this week, but there are also plenty of thrilling finales and debuts from BOOM! Studios and Dark Horse Comics. It’s another week with the good problem of having too many great comics to read. But to help narrow things down, I’ve picked out ten of the best titles I think will be worth your time diving into. So without further ado, let’s get to the list!

Best Image Comics of the week

Void Rivals #10

By Robert Kirkman, Lorenzo De Felici, and Patricio Delpeche

Void Rivals 10 comic coverImage: Skybound

It’s going to be a big issue for Void Rivals this month! With Springer helping Darak and Solila in their journey, the two learn something about their people they never could have expected. The Void Rivals finally see why Energon is the most sought-after resource in the galaxy. Fans of the Energon Universe should not miss out on this issue! 

W0rldtr33 #11

By James Tynion IV, Fernando Blanco, and Jordie Bellaire, Aditya Bidikar

W0rldtr33 11 comic coverImage: Image Comics

It’s the end of W0rldtr33’s second chilling story arc! Agent Silk faces off against the mysterious PH34R. The hot-blooded FBI agent must fight to keep her sanity intact as PH34R reveals she isn’t on her vengeful mission alone. Many revelations will come to light in the harrowing finale! 

The Sacrificers #9

By Rick Remender, Max Fiumara, and Dave McCaig

The Sacrificers 9 comic coverImage: Image Comics

Pigeon’s journey to find a new purpose continues in the latest issue of The Sacrificers. While the memories of his actions begin to haunt him, the young boy is left with a tough decision. Does he let his guilt eat away at him, or does he rise and take action against the gods that destroyed his life? See where his adventure leads him in the thrilling new issue! 

Nights #8

By Wyatt Kennedy, Luigi Formisano, Francesco Segala, and Maria Letizia Mirabella

Nights 8 comic coverImage: Image Comics

Halloween hits the streets early this year in the latest issue of Nights! Matt and Ivory throw a party for the ages at their place, inviting everyone to wear their best costumes. Except one uninvited guest looks to ruin the whole night for everyone. The tricks the guest brings to the party could change the story of Nights as we know it

Grommets #2

By Rick Remender, Brian Posehn, Brett Parson, and Moreno DiNisio

Grommets 2 comic coverImage: Image Comics

After their eventful day at the skatepark, Rick and Brian meet up with the Jens for an afternoon of skating at a parking garage. They just need to dodge the security guards who want to spoil their fun. Don’t miss out on this fun and vibrant adventure that perfectly captures the spirit of being a rebellious teenage outcast in the 80s! 

Self Help #1

By Owen King, Jesse Kellerman, and Marianna Ignazzi

Self Help 1 comic coverImage: Syzygy Publishing

Driver Jerry Hauser lives a peculiar life. People tell him every day how much he looks like the world-famous self-help guru Darren Hart. Little did Jerry expect that Darren would be a passenger in his car. But after a shaky ride together, events unfold that change Jerry’s life forever. And so begins a noir story, unlike anything you’ve seen before! 

Check out a preview of Self Help #1 here!

Best BOOM! Studios comics of the week

Rare Flavours #6

By Ram V and Filipe Andrade

Rare Flavours 6 comic coverImage: BOOM! Studios

Rubin and Mo's documentary is finally reaching its end. The problem is that Rubin is nowhere to be found just when he’s needed most. What could the demonic Rakshasa be planning for the grand finale they’ve cooked up together? This is looking like another delectable classic from the award-winning team of Ram V and Filipe Andrade! 

Check out a preview of Rare Flavours #6 here!

Animal Pound #4

By Tom King, Peter Gross, and Tamra Bonvillain

Animal Pound 4 comic coverImage: BOOM! Studios

While Piggy embraces the role of dictator, two groups of animals in the pound look to overthrow his terrible reign. They’ve had enough of his suffocating system of brutality and death. But will their combined efforts be enough to win themselves freedom? Check this fantastical and dark story to find out what happens next! 

Check out a preview of Animal Pound #4 here!

Best Dark Horse comic of the week

Anansi Boys #1

By Marc Bernardin, Shawn Martinbrough, Chris Sotomayor, and Jim Campbell

Anansi Boys 1 comic coverImage: Dark Horse Comics

Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys graces the pages of comics in a new series by Marc Bernardin and Shawn Martinbrough. The story follows Charlie Nancy as he discovers his family connections to African folklore. As the son of Anansi the Spider, Charlie embarks on a reality-bending journey to learn what it means to be a god. 

Best Magma Comix of the Week

The Principles of Necromancy #3

By Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, and Eamon Winkle

The Principles of Necromancy 3 comic coverImage: Magma Comix

Step into the horrific tale created by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly. This macabre story follows the story of Doctor Jakob Eyes as he defies death by exploring the dark arts of necromancy. But what he ends up bringing back to life are unimaginable horrors, making death seem like the easy solution.

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