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Void Rivals #8 Review: On the Run

Dive back into the world of Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici’s Void Rivals, the series that jumpstarted the Energon Universe.

Void Rivals 8 Review Cover
Image: Skybound
By: Javier ReyesApr 5, 2024, 9:45 AM

Void Rivals #8

Void Rivals 8 Full Cover

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artist: Lorenzo de Felici

Publisher: Skybound

Release Date: April 3, 2024

Page Count: 32

Format: Single-issue

Through the incredible artwork by De Felici, Delpeche, and Wooton, Void Rivals #8 delivers an explosive issue that showcases the ruthlessness of the series’ new villain, Proximus.

If you’ve been following Skybound’s Energon Universe, then you’ll know that the imprint has been putting out one of the most consistently solid lineups of titles for almost a year. With Transformers, Cobra Commander, and Duke all being killer series, there are also plenty more comics coming on the horizon. But the title that started this wave of awesome comics was Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo de Felici’s sci-fi epic, Void Rivals. Now that it’s back for its second arc, the series has been on a roll of shaping up a story that’s more thrilling than the first. Proximus is the next threat the Void Rivals must face, and issue #8 is where we see the hunter’s prowess in full display. Continue reading below for my full review of this new adrenaline-pumping issue! 

Void Rivals - Solila looking beyondImage: Skybound


Darak and Solila trudge through the barren wasteland of the Sacred Ring. The only things driving them forward are their survival instincts and Darak’s promise of finding an outpost within the Ring’s border. But while they steadily progress through the dangerous land, the Zertonian hunter known as Proximus eventually catches up with them. The two Void Rivals quickly learn why he is the most feared warrior from Zertonia. 


This latest issue goes by in a blast, with the story's centerpiece being Darak and Solila’s explosive confrontation against Proximus. After a few issues of build-up now, I’m glad to see the story cut to the chase and showcase what the new villain is capable of very early into the arc. The big fight scene gives a taste of how ruthless the Zertonian warrior can be with his arsenal of futuristic weapons and equipment. The fact that he uses an energy-based bow and arrow is enough to sell me on how badass of a villain Proximus is. Then, while not explicitly confirmed, the story also hints that there is a deeper connection between Solila and Proximus. So, even though this issue is more action-focused, there are still moments throughout the story that develop the characters in interesting ways. Knowing that this issue is far from the last we’ll see of the new villain, the hints about Proximus’ past add intrigue to his character beyond his threatening demeanor and slick design.

Void Rivals - Characters clashingImage: Skybound

Because this is a more action-packed issue, I need to give flowers to the art team for the stellar work they put in. While Lorenzo De Felici kills it again with his very kinetic illustration work, I think the star in this issue is colorist Patricio Delpeche. Whether the scene is Darak and Solila walking through the barren wasteland or the fast-paced battle against Proximus, Delpeche’s coloring adds so much depth and character to these different moments. I like the subtle touch of how so much of the issue has a distinct purple hue that harps on the primary color scheme of Proximus’ armor. Then, when the action starts pumping, there are beautifully loud splashes of pink, yellow, and blue that pop against the dark backgrounds. Letterer Rus Wooton also does a fantastic job of styling the onomatopoeia to blend with the fire and effects from Proximus’ weapons. All these artistic touches come together to help set the tone that this new villain is a big problem for Darak and Solila’s adventure. I can’t wait to see the villain wreak more havoc as the story arc continues. 

Void Rivals - Character in hooded cape riding a motorcycleImage: Skybound

Final Thoughts

If there’s one thing you can take away from the Energon Universe releases this past year, it’s that each of them are rock-solid comics to get into. Void Rivals is a prime example of that, as it delivers an original story brought to life by Kirkman's slick writing and de Felici’s incredible art. The fantastic action throughout this latest issue shows how Void Rivals can be such a fun series to follow that’s rich with sci-fi goodness. Not to mention that this issue also ends on an emotional cliffhanger that will have major repercussions for the story to come. This second arc has been a wild ride so far, and I’m eager to see what more there is to discover about the Void Rivals. 

Why You Should Read Void Rivals

  • The art in this issue is incredible from top to bottom.
  • Proximus adds a villainous layer to the story that’s fresh for the series. 
  • The series is vital to the story that’s building up within the Energon Universe.

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