The Best Sci-Fi Webtoons You Can Binge-Read Now

Dive into different dimensions to discover post-apocalyptic societies and dreamlike worlds of sci-fi-inspired webtoons!

Sci Fi Webtoons
By: Amy MouaJan 25, 2024, 9:58 PM

Who doesn’t love reimagining the world of our modern society getting infested with a virus that mutates us all to gain extraordinary skills? Or a world that readily provides clones as lovers? Although not the biggest genre in webtoons, the sci-fi category isn’t lacking in great stories either. Read on to learn more about these worlds that seem like they could, more or less, be a part of our current reality despite being drawn as fiction on a scrolling screen.

It Was All You

By I Soon Ki, oh5ho

Genre: Romance, Sci-fi

88 episodes, Completed

It Was All You CoverImage: Webtoon

In “It Was All You,” clones have become the norm in Pyeongyang, South Korea, and XYZ Corporation is a company that provides clones designed to love and receive love from their owners. Dr. Yuri Lee is a top clone tester at the company, and her latest model to test was “Victor,” who soon reveals he is more human than any clones developed before. Yuri finds solace in Victor’s human-like warmth after discovering her husband is having an affair. The desire for revenge soon leads her to face old traumas, newfound love, and possible heartbreak—as Victor’s clone life lasts only one month before he must be discarded.

This webtoon takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions: hatred, hope, sadness, and heart-pounding new love. As you read, you learn to embody the main character’s emotions as you experience her will to simply live, heal, and love.

Who this webtoon is for:

  • Romance readers who like a touch of sci-fi added in.
  • Readers who love the classic shoujo manga “Absolute Boyfriend” by Yuu Watase

New Norm

By Kha.zi.mi

Genre: Sci-fi, Post-Apocalyptic

63 episodes, Ongoing

New Norm CoverImage: Webtoon

New Norm” is a Canvas webtoon set in a world where most of the population was killed by a virus, and only a few who were immune survived. But the virus eventually mutates, along with the few surviving humans. The surviving few gain unique abilities that either become a blessing or a curse in a world reclaimed by Mother Nature. One of the chosen ones was 16-year-old Alyta, who had gained her ability on the brink of death. She must take on a journey to find a way to save her father, who had done everything to protect her at the start of the pandemic. This time, it was her turn to protect him.

Who this webtoon is for:

  • Fans of post-apocalyptic stories
  • Readers who enjoy Shounen-esque structured stories
  • Fans of Hanza Art/Hanza Studio, the creator of WEBTOON Originals “My Deepest Secret” and “The Guy Upstairs.” Hanza Art/Hanza Studio is a reader and Patreon supporter of “New Norm.”

Destruct Button

By WellenKatze

Genre: Drama, Sci-fi

84 episodes, Ongoing

Destruct Button CoverImage: Webtoon

Destruct Button” centers around Karin, a university student struggling with both her will to pursue her passion and her will to simply live. One day, she comes across an extraterrestrial button that can teleport her to any place she wants. The only problem is the device was not made for humans, as it’s too dangerous for constant use. It turns out she wasn’t the only human who found such a dangerous extraterrestrial button. Karin and her newfound friend must find a way to recollect all the buttons before people start dying.

Who this webtoon is for

  • Readers who enjoy the manga art style
  • For those who can handle gore and violence
  • People who love the concept of humans meeting aliens


By KimDazzi

Genre: Action, Sci-fi

86 episodes, Completed

Tacit CoverImage: TappyToon

In “Tacit,” the world has been turned upside down by a sudden deadly virus emitted from strange crystals. Zombies infested the streets, and humanity struggled. A small group strives to survive and protect each other within the Amina Safe Zone. Among them is a young lady named Ruby, who one day meets a pale and mysterious young man with no heartbeat. While their encounter seems rather innocent, it leads to the deaths of friends, the appearance of a dangerous group hunting them down, and the need to seek the truth about the virus.

Who this webtoon is for:

  • Lovers of zombie stories.
  • Readers who can handle gore and violence
  • Those who like a mix of sci-fi, action, thriller, and a touch of romance and comedy

Other good sci-fi webtoons to check out:

Quantum Entanglement

Meet introverted and slightly awkward physicist Ethan, who is in love but denies being in love with his longtime friend Alex. After meeting for the first time in years, they end up in an experiment accident that leads to the two being able to share each other’s emotions. “Quantum Entanglement” is a new webtoon with only ten episodes so far. It features amazing Pixar-like art and background music by KennyComics.

Forgotten Creatures

Hadrian returns to his hometown, Asure, after the death of his mother. His return home brings back old memories as he revisits lost connections. There may be more to each character than meets the eye. This dreamlike story is both beautiful and confusing as readers follow the characters in each episode to try and discover where the author will lead. But at the end of each episode, it will feel like you’ve been walking in a hazy fairytale dream full of otherworldly things. The art “Forgotten Creatures” is just too beautiful to ignore.


In the webtoon “Harmonia,” the discovery of an immortal jellyfish species leads to the development of a medication that stops humans from aging. This medication, called “Harmonia,” was eventually mass-produced and consumed daily by almost everyone. All seemed fine until the discovery that the pills could lead to death caused by rapid aging if not consumed every 24 hours. Shortly after the news broke out, an unknown assailant sabotaged all transportation out of Nakwon Island, trapping Junam, his family, and the rest of the islanders. The people of Nakwon Island immediately face the problem of a low supply of Harmonia. To the surprise of no one, human greed and corruption leads to chaos and deaths on the island. Everything seemingly rests on Juwon to solve as he tries to protect his family and find a way to leave the island safely. This webtoon will keep you guessing as you put on your detective hat to solve the cases unfolding around Juwon.

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