Best Webtoon Recommendations of the Week: September 17, 2023

Craving for some new webtoons to binge? Check out recommendations of the best webtoons you can check out this week!

Webtoon Recommendations of the Week September 17, 2023
By: Javier ReyesJun 3, 2024, 11:21 AM

The week is just starting, so you know what that means? It’s time to jump into my picks of the best webtoons to read this week! This week’s selection of titles is as diverse as it gets, with stories that are dark, hilarious, and heart-warming. You’re sure to find a webtoon that first perfectly into the kind of stories you’re into. So let’s get started and check out some awesome webtoons!

Not So Shoujo Love Story

By Curryuku

Genre: Comedy

New episodes every Tuesday

Not So Shoujo Love Story CoverImage: Webtoon

Rei is not your typical romance protagonist. She is obsessed with shoujo mangas and dreams of living a life like her favorite stories. As the self-proclaimed heroine of her own story, she sets her sights on winning the affection of the school heartthrob, Hansum Ochinchin. But Rei quickly realizes that reality often does not match up with fantasy. As it turns out, the one with eyes for Rei is not Hansum but Hanna Schulerin, the most popular girl in school. What unfolds is a hilarious and light-hearted story of two opposites discovering more about themselves through their wholesome bond together.

Only Hope

By CHOSNG & Gaeng

Genre: Romance

New episodes every Wednesday

Only Hope coverImage: Webtoon

Only Hope” is a romance webtoon with a dark twist. Step into the life of Eunhye, a woman living a seemingly picture-perfect life with her husband, Dojin. Yet underneath the surface lies some harrowing skeletons. After years of marriage, Eunhye uncovers an unsettling video in the basement of Dojin’s secluded rest house. It shows Dojin killing a man in cold blood in that very basement. But before the reality of the situation could sink in, Eunhye wakes up that night to the house in flames, and a mysterious masked man kills her as she tries to make her escape.

To think, all of that is only the beginning. To Eunhye’s surprise, she wakes up nine years in the past, on the day she met Dojin. The webtoon follows her journey to discover more about the dark secrets of the man she once thought she knew. If you love the suspense of romance thrillers, then Only Hope is a webtoon that needs to be on your reading list!

Dreaming Freedom

By 2L

Genre: Drama

New episodes every Thursday

Dreaming Freedom CoverImage: Webtoon

Dreaming Freedom” is the story of Jeongmin, a lonely high school student who gets bullied by the most popular girl in school, Juhyeon. Jeongmin's only escape from the sadness is through her vivid lucid dreams. That’s where she has all the power over Juhyeon. But one day, a strange man enters Jeongmin's dreams with a proposition she can’t refuse: he will show her how to get back at Juhyeon. As beautiful as all of the characters look, this webtoon can get really dark as it deeply explores the mind of a teenager with only revenge on her mind. You’ll often question if what’s happening in the story is real or just a figment of Jeongmin’s twisted imagination.

Operation: True Love

By kkokkalee & Dledumb

Genre: Romance

New episodes every Friday

Operation: True Love CoverImage: Webtoon

Operation: True Love” follows high school student Su-ae’s complicated love life. Her boyfriend, Minu, is rude and unsympathetic to her feelings. Being the pushover that she is, Su-ae easily forgives him despite how poorly he treats her. But Su-ae’s life takes a weird new turn when she discovers a strange cellphone in her locker. Named Jellypop, the cellphone gives her all the love advice she needs, including the ability to see how much love a person has received in their life. It’s how she finally sees Minu for who he really is. She quickly finds herself running more to the boy’s best friend, Eunhyeok. Like I said earlier, this one gets complicated. But what’s high school life without a little drama?

Your Throne


Genre: Fantasy

New episodes every Saturday

Your Throne CoverImage: Webtoon

Your Throne” is the tale of two princesses. Psyche Callista is the stunning and kind-hearted princess set to wed Crown Prince Eros, the heir to the Vasilios Empire. Lady Medea, on the other hand, is a conniving and ruthless princess who strives to hold power over the land. While the two grew up as friends, Lady Madea’s ambitions pushed her to walk down a dark path. It took a strange twist of fate for Medea’s dreams to come true. On the eve of the Day of Prayer, an unexpected magical event caused the two women to switch bodies, forcing them both to live the life of the other. While Medea gets the power and position she’s always wanted, Psyche must endure the consequences of her body’s treacherous actions.

The webtoon weaves an intricate tale of intrigue, drama, and fantasy. And with each episode being so loaded with content, the story that unfolds between feels rich and engrossing. It easily gives the feeling of reading something like Game of Thrones but as a webtoon.


By Emma Krogell

Genre: Fantasy

New episodes every Sunday

Lumine CoverImage: Webtoon

In a magical modern world, the titular Lumine is a kind-hearted werewolf boy who tries to make a living as a bodyguard. The problem is that he can’t hold down a job because his abilities as a werewolf aren’t up to snuff. His life as a street rat turns around when he meets Kody, a young witch with a mysterious past. As Lumine is hired to be Kody’s bodyguard, the two develop a deep bond that transcends all kinds of might and magic. The joy of this series comes from seeing these two seemingly polar opposites come together in a story centered on magic and friendship.

While the series is currently on hiatus, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into if you aren’t already reading. Lumine has been running for over six years with nearly two hundred episodes. It’s refreshing to dive into a long-running webtoon that has stayed fresh and fun to read along every step of the way.

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