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Crave #6 Review: Calm Amidst Chaos

Maria Llovet’s tantalizing miniseries reaches its climax with an issue filled with drama, romance, and sexual tension.

Crave 6 Review Cover
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesMay 3, 2024, 9:45 AM

Crave #6

Crave 6 Full Cover

Writer: Maria Llovet

Artist: Maria Llovet

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: May 1, 2024

Page Count: 32

Format: Single-issue

Maria Llovet’s Crave comes to a satisfying end that showcases the cartoonist’s flair for captivating visuals and emotional storytelling.

By its first issue, Crave turned plenty of heads with its bold concept, erotic themes, and eye-catching art. After all, who hasn’t wished for their crush to fall madly in love with them after a few clicks on their phone? But just like how it always is with love, things turn out much more complicated than that. From the creative mind of Spanish cartoonist Maria Llovet, Crave has evolved into a captivating story that explores new meanings of love, sexuality, and emotional maturity. Issue #6 is the miniseries’ finale many readers have been waiting for, and it’s packed with the drama that made the series stand out when it first debuted. Read on for my full review of the issue! 


Crave’s influence in the school hits a boiling point as the app’s new “Collaborative Mode” causes uncontrollable chaos. But while the school is on the brink of collapse, David urgently races to Charlotte’s side to stop her from severely hurting herself. That leaves it up to Sofia and Albert to break into Principal Duncan’s office to stop Crave before things get even more out of hand. 

Crave 6 - David calling CharlotteImage: Image Comics


Crave #6 is one of the series' most chaotic issues yet, with scenes of all hell breaking loose throughout the school. But despite all the carnage caused by Crave’s tempting influence, the moments in the comic that I latched on to the most were when the story slows down and focuses on the characters and their relationships. Throughout this issue, characters often share glances and touches that say so much without saying a word. Whether it’s David and Charlotte’s heartfelt reconciliation or Albert and Sofia’s emotional embrace, these more intimate moments are when the comic is at its best, with Maria Llovet’s captivating art style shining the brightest. This issue is even surprisingly one of the least erotic in the series, as the story becomes more about characters finally confessing the thoughts and anxieties they’ve been bottling up inside. Even though Crave caught people’s attention with its bold exploration of sexual themes and visuals, having the story end with a series of emotionally mature conversations makes for a very touching and realistic finale. It beautifully conveys the message that the connections between the characters are more than skin-deep and that the app was nothing more than a catalyst for letting out their true feelings. 

Crave 6 - People gathered in the school hallwayImage: Image Comics

However, there are parts in the comic’s finale that fall into a bit of an awkward place for me. While I liked the core message that the story ends with, I can’t help but wish more time was spent to fully get to know the characters and the nuances of their relationships. As much as I enjoyed the dramatic visual storytelling throughout the issue, I believe those moments would have hit harder if the characters were more fleshed out. Because the story is over now, I realized how little I actually know about the cast beyond the secret desires that brought them together. But with the comic surprisingly ending with a tease of a possible sequel to Crave’s story, there is hope that we might see these characters again someday. More comics by Maria Llovet will always be a good thing! 

Crave 6 - Two characters smokingImage: Image Comics

Final Thoughts

Overall, Crave is a unique series that stands apart from the usual fair you’ll see even from a publisher as diverse as Image Comics. With its sexually progressive themes, provocative visuals, and snappy storytelling, the miniseries takes you on a wild ride from start to finish. While my gripes about the series lie mostly in how characters are fleshed out, it’s easy to get swept up by the drama and chaos that takes place throughout the story. Personally, I’m excited to have this series collected on a TPB so that I can experience its story at a more consistent pace. Maria Llovet’s captivating art alone is enough reason for it to have a great spot in the collection.

Why You Should Read Crave

  • Maria Llovet’s unique art style brings a distinct visual charm to the story.
  • The comic’s exploration of sexuality and erotic themes makes it a captivating read. 
  • It’s a short and sweet series that you can breeze through once it's collected on a TPB.

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