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Fishflies #3 Review: Exploring Deeper Connections

Step back into the captivating story of Fishflies, the latest hit creator-owned comic by Jeff Lemire!

Fishflies #3 Review Cover
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesFeb 23, 2024, 2:23 AM

Fishflies #3

Fishflies #3 Comic Cover

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Jeff Lemire

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: November 14, 2023

Page Count: 48

Format: Single-issue

In an issue told mostly through the lens of Officer Laraque, Fishflies #3 delivers a deeply human story following a man driven to find justice for the town he loves. The emotional drama throughout the issue slowly builds up to a surprising climax that sets a new tone for the second half of the series.

If there’s one thing you can rely on Jeff Lemire as a comic book creator, it's for him to tell a captivating story involving strange things happening within a small town. “Fishflies” has been a treat of a series to follow this year because it has Lemire doing what he does best while exploring new ways of storytelling. With each issue being an extended 48 pages long, the series has had the room it needs to spread its wings and let the eeriness of its story creep in. Now on its third issue, the series takes a deeper look into the people of Bell River, showing a more human side to its fascinating story. With that said, let’s check out my review!

Fishflies 3 comic panel - 2 guys talking.jpgImage: Image Comics


The investigation for the man who shot Paul DuPuis escalates in every possible way. Officer Laraque first reconnects with Mrs. DuPuis to clear the air about the strange things they discussed in their last meeting. After, the officer finds himself at the door of Fred Fox, Franny’s father, because his search dogs picked up a scent leading to the farm. But as the investigation progresses, Officer Laraque can’t shake the feeling that there’s a deeper connection between the case and the fishflies showing up around town.

Meanwhile, Franny realizes that her strange friend could be in trouble. She pleads for the monster to escape before he gets discovered. While it takes a bit of force from Franny to convince him to leave, he eventually shows his loyalty to the young girl in an unexpected way.

Fishflies 3 comic panel - boy runningImage: Image Comics


There’s plenty to unpack in this issue. As much as I adore Lemire’s knack for atmospheric visual storytelling, this issue shines more because of the rich character writing done through the lens of Officer Laraque. This issue finally gives a closer look into the small-town police chief as he navigates through the different facets of his job. From connecting with a grieving mother to aggressively pressing the town drunk for a lead, we see Officer Laraque’s ability to put on different hats as a man seeking justice for his people. While not necessarily the most exciting issue on paper, the emotional drama that builds up from scene to scene is undeniably captivating. Lemire showcases his skill in capturing distinct moods and tones of the dynamics between different characters. It shows how the more intimate moments make all these seemingly ordinary characters feel so much more human.

aFor such a slow burn of an issue, it still ends with one hell of a cliffhanger that opens up plenty of intriguing possibilities for the story. Even with its lessened presence in this issue, the friendship between Franny and the monster evolves even further in a very captivating way. Without giving away too much of what happens, I can say this is the most excited I’ve been to see how the story develops next. If there’s really only one downside I have to say, it's that we’re back to waiting two months for the next issue to release.

Fishflies 3 comic panel - boy and big fly.jpgImage: Image Comics

Final Thoughts

While I came into the series intrigued by the concept of a young girl befriending a strange monster, this issue sold me on the idea that there’s so much more at stake within the story’s small town. What makes Fishflies #3 such a compelling issue is how it gives a closer look into the people of Bell River while also delivering the story’s most exciting cliffhanger yet. The pieces have quickly fallen into place for the journeys of both Officer Laraque and the young Franny Fox to finally intersect. Now that we’ve hit the midway point of the series, it’s safe to say Fishflies is shaping up to be another classic by Jeff Lemire.

Why You Should Read Fishflies

  • The mystery behind the fishflies continues to be a strange and compelling subplot.
  • Lemire delivers some of his best character writing in a wildly emotional issue.
  • The longer issues make it easier to immerse yourself in the slower-paced storytelling.
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