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Kaya #13 Review: Dangerous New Land

Venture into the latest chapter of Kaya, where the young warrior and her brother Jin face new dangers as they inch closer to their destiny.

Kaya 13 Review Cover
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesFeb 23, 2024, 2:24 AM

Kaya #13 Review

Kaya 13 Full Cover

Writer: Wesley Craig

Artist: Wesley Craig

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: November 28, 2023

Page Count: 32

Format: Single-issue

Kaya kicks off its latest story arc by introducing new wondrous locales, outlandish characters, and exciting character developments. The series continues to be one you should not miss if you love immersing yourself in whimsical fantasy worlds.

As a big fan of Deadly Class by Rick Remender, I’ve adored the work of artist Wes Craig for a very long time. So, naturally, Craig’s new solo series, Kaya, caught my eye immediately. With its vibrant yet deadly fantasy setting, Kaya has been a treat of a series to follow. Craig has wowed me with his work now as a writer and artist, as the story and world-building throughout the series have been stellar so far. Now that the series is on its third story arc, it’s exciting to see the next chapter of this breathtaking journey unfold. So, with that, let’s dive into my review of Kaya #13! 


Kaya and Jin touch down on a new shore, far away from the horrors they experienced in the Poison Lands. But despite how far they’ve traveled, they are nowhere near Monk Island. In this new territory, they meet Phaedra, a kind-hearted warrior from the Cat Clan who assists them on their adventure. While it took some time to gain each other’s trust, the three set out into the underground passageways leading to the other side of the forest. The problem is that a gang of ruthless pirates resides within the tunnels.

Kaya 13 comic - talkingImage: Image Comics

After narrowly escaping several traps, Kaya and the gang approach the pirates hoping to strike a deal. Unfortunately, they can’t offer much help because the path to Monk Island reeks of danger that even they are not willing to cross. However, there’s one among them who has other plans in mind. 


What I find to be most incredible about the Kaya series is the immense feeling of adventure you get from following its story. Each story arc brings you to a different corner of its fantastical world, with plenty of unique creatures, characters, and dangers to experience every step of the way. This latest chapter follows that pattern, as Kaya and Jin find themselves in a locale more civilized than the savage lands we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from the previous arcs. But with plenty of pirates and Atrians roaming all over this new side of the world, you can tell Kaya and Jin have their work cut out for them as their adventure continues. 

Kaya 13 comic - girl fightingImage: Image Comics

Speaking of the adventure siblings Kaya and Jin have been in, it’s refreshing to see the two fully back together again as a team. While their separation was core to what made the previous Poison Lands arc such an intense and emotional read, this latest arc feels like a throwback to how the story started. It’s Kaya and Jin against the world as they discover more about the power that rests inside them. The small time jump between arcs also helped some character developments move forward without wasting time on what could have been “filler.” This issue has moments of Jin being more comfortable with his transforming powers, though still far from the savior he’s destined to be. Kaya, on the other hand, feels more headstrong than she’s ever been because of how Jin’s transformation has slowly unraveled her worldview. From seeing these intricate developments in both Kaya and Jin, it’s fascinating to consider how their relationship will evolve further as we go deeper into this new chapter of their lives. 

Now, considering this is my first full review of Kaya, I feel it’s worth talking about the incredible art and colors that go into making the series so special. We’re thirteen issues in, and Wes Craig and Jason Wordie consistently impress by creating a fantastical world that always has something new to discover in every corner. The vibrancy of the art makes even the strangest and more vicious-looking creatures and characters feel whimsical in their own ways. I’d go as far as to boldly claim it often feels like stepping into a world created by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli with how much artistic beauty there is to discover with each new issue and story arc. It’s so easy to get immersed in this series just by flipping through the pages and admiring the incredible art on display from panel to panel. 

Kaya 13 comic - girl fighting 2Image: Image Comics

Final Thoughts

Kaya is one of those series that always feels great to come back to month after month. There’s just so much you can get out of each issue, and this one checks all the boxes of what makes the series great. Everything from the vibrant art to the bold character writing comes together to create a wondrous world that’s endlessly exciting to venture into and discover. If you love diving into beautifully strange and whimsical fantasy worlds, this series is a must-have for your pull list.

Why You Should Read Kaya

  • This new setting opens the door for the story to go in plenty of unique directions.
  • Wes Craig’s art is consistently amazing throughout the series.
  • It’s fun seeing the character development unfold from both Kaya and Jin.
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