Must-Read Webtoon Canvas Series for 2024

Check out some of these rising gems in Webtoon Canvas as we go through my favorite series this new year!

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By: Hana May 9, 2024, 8:30 AM

There’s no better way to start the new year than by diving into some new and promising webtoons! Over the last few weeks, I’ve talked about many of the best stories part of Webtoon Originals. To change things up for the new year, this first list will be all about what you can find on Webtoon Canvas! If you’re now familiar, Canvas is the section of Webtoon where small creators can share their new weeks. If the webtoons get big enough, they eventually get upgraded into an Original. Big hits like Castle Swimmer, My Deepest Secret, and even Lore Olympus were all once part of Canvas. So, it could be the space to discover the next big webtoon!

The following recommendations are a bit varied, but a ton of fun! As always, I hope you enjoy these webtoons as much as I did!

Falling In Love With My Ex-Fiance’s Grandfather

By Hanza Studio

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Episodes: 33

Falling In Love With My Ex-Finaces GrandfatherImage: Webtoon

Starting off the list with my recent favorite, Falling In Love With My Ex-Finace’s Grandfather. The webtoon was created by Hanza Studio, the team behind My Deepest Secret and The Guy Upstairs (two of Webtoon’s top thrillers and some of my favorites in the genre). Originally titled “I Woke Up In A Fantasy World As A Young Lady And Fell in Love With My Ex-fiancé's Grandfather,” the series is a fun and lighthearted take on Isekai stories with peculiar age dynamics. The webtoon follows the adventures of a 50-year-old woman who wakes up in the body of a young lady in a novel. While she doesn’t care how or why she arrived at the novel, she finds herself falling for the handsome grandfather of the young lady’s ex-fiance.

As absurd as the premise sounds, the story of the webtoon’s inception started from a prompt for something fun for Twitter. It then quickly morphed into this webtoon as plenty of readers demanded more of the story. It’s funny, light, and something I can see turning into an Original soon.

Netvor: A Retelling of Beauty And The Beast

By RosesnWater

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Episodes: 193

Updates every Wednesday

Netvor: A Retelling of Beauty And The BeastImage: Webtoon

Whether you’re a fan of retellings or adore the classic Beauty and the Beast story, you will love Netvor. The webtoon follows Aceline, a woman living in a small town with her family. The town is surrounded by a forest that is haunted by the cursed beast known as Netvor.

What I love about this story is how it takes the classic elements of the Beauty and the Beast story that we love and morphs them into something completely new. The webtoon has a heroine who is strong but also vulnerable in her mental state. While the hero is also the villain. The stunning art is mostly done in grayscale with hints of colors to emphasize important visuals in the story. It also features an inclusive cast made up of a wild array of characters from every aspect of life. It is personally one of my favorite webtoon discoveries in 2023.

Killin It

By ExplosivePoodle

Genre: Crime, Mystery

Episodes: 6

Killin It CoverImage: Webtoon

Lucas can see ghosts, but it’s not something he is happy about. People bully him because of his abilities, while the ghosts follow him. He hoped all that would change when he moved to a new home. Unfortunately, life is not always what we want. It turns out a ghost is living in his new home, following him around again, begging him to find out how he died. Can Lucas find out the truth?

This webtoon was one of my favorites before it went on hiatus. Now, it’s finally back with a totally fresh look. The art looks better, and it feels new to how the story is starting, which makes me, an old-time reader, absolutely excited! Unfortunately, there are only a few chapters out so far. But if it is anything like the older version, then we are in for a treat!


By OliveCoat

Genre: Heartwarming, Historical

Episodes: 136

Updates every Wednesday

Honbarian CoverImage: Webtoon

Meet Andy, a young girl separated from everyone she knows. Without a home or memories of her past, she wanders around seeking shelter with only Scruffy by her side (you guys will love this boy). The story begins when she is found and taken in by a family living in the wilderness she wandered into. It’s within her new home that she gains a father figure, a loving mother, and even two brothers, Randy and Ricky.

This heartwarming story has been an absolute favorite of mine lately. Every single character brings something enriching to the story. I adore Andy’s cheerful character, as she is so easy to love and learn about. Randy, in contrast, is blunt and objective, making their dynamic so much fun. I love reading their banter with Ricky in the mix. With its semi-long chapters and beautifully soft art, there’s plenty to binge and enjoy in this adorable webtoon.

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