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New Creator-Owned Comics This Week: September 06, 2023

Check out our picks this week for the best creator-owned comics from Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, and BOOM! Studios!

Creator-Owned Cover 09/06/23
By: Javier ReyesJan 25, 2024, 10:06 PM

It’s looking like another fun week for creator-owned comics! Especially on the Image Comics side of things. Not only is one of the hottest new series this year back with a new issue but there’s a selection of debuting titles to check out as well! Either of those new ones could deserve a coveted spot in your pull lists for the month. Let’s check out our top picks of creator-owned comics we’re most excited about this week!

The Sacrificers #2

By Rick Remender, Max Fiumara, and Dave McCaig

The Sacrificers #2 CoverImage: Image Comics

The great sacrifice is approaching. The chosen children don’t know what to expect aside from playing a key role in keeping their world at “peace.” The overloads will keep everything in their world perfect as long as the sacrifice is made. But there will be a time when the order as they know it will change forever.

Swan Songs #3

By W. Maxwell Prince and Filipe Andrade

Swan Songs #3 CoverImage: Image Comics

Artist Filipe Andrade (The Many Deaths of Laila Starr) joins W. Maxwell Prince for a new short story titled “The End of the End of the World.” It follows the tale of two planets, Adam and Eve, picking up the pieces of civilization after the wake of nuclear destruction. But just because there’s plenty of hope on the horizon, it does not mean it comes without struggles and challenges. The story shows how when one chapter in human history ends, another one begins.

Untold Tales of I Hate Fairyland #3

By Skottie Young, Rachele Aragno, Gabriel Ba, Fabio Moon, and Dean Rankine

Untold Tales of I Hate Fairyland #3 CoverImage: Image Comics

This is a packed issue for the Untold Tales of I Hate Fairyland! Skottie Young Teams with Rachel Aragno for a bloody love story called “Til Death Do Us Part.” Then the series welcomes in the all-star duo of Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon for the aptly named story “I Hate Gert!” Finally, the issue is rounded out by Dean Rankine with “The Ballad of Sir Hanselot.” Only in Fairyland is where you will find beloved creators telling such outlandish tales!

Barnstormers #3

By Scott Snyder and Tula Lotay

Barnstormers #3 CoverImage: Dark Horse Comics

Now at the lowest point of their journey, Hawk and Tillie have nowhere else to run. Soon enough the pair will come face-to-face with the man tasked with shooting down their thrilling adventure. Until then, the two scramble to find a way out of their perilous predicament.

Kill Your Darlings #1

By Ethan S. Parker, Griffin Sherdian, Bob Quinn, and John J. Hill

Kill Your Darlings #1 CoverImage: Image Comics

New series alert! This comic follows the story of Rose, an eight-year-old girl who immerses herself in games of pretend within the fantasy world she created. Her life changes when the line between reality and fantasy fades and she finds herself in a strange yet familiar place. It’s where she must face a terrible evil that hungers for new blood. Fantasy lovers will surely eat this title up!

Hunt for the Skinwalker #1

By Zac Thompson and Valeria Burzo

Hunt for the Skinwalker #1 CoverImage: BOOM! Studios

Based on the 2005 nonfiction book by Dr. Colm Kelleher and investigative journalist George Knapp, “Hunt for the Skinwalker” tells the fascinating history of the notorious Gorman Ranch. The story touches on all sorts of paranormal phenomena, from strange UFOs to otherworldly cryptids. Writer Zac Thompson and artist Valeria Burzo are working hand-in-hand with Kelleher and Knapp to shed new light on the captivatingly peculiar story and deliver never-before-seen revelations.

Purr Evil #2

By Mirka Andolfo and Laura Braga

Purr Evil #2 CoverImage: Image Comics

A mother’s work is never done. Especially when she has demons chasing after her and her daughter. While Rita is on a mission to find where he daughter ran off to, Deb finds herself falling deeper in love with her friend Robert. Little does the young girl know that her reckless behavior leads to very horrific consequences. It’s going to take the power of a passionate mother to clean up this entire mess!

Tear Us Apart #1

By Jay Baruchel, Van Jensen, Alessandro Micelli, and Taylor Esposito

Tear Us Apart #1 CoverImage: Dark Horse Comics

Another new series debut is on our hands! Film actor and director Jay Baruchel weaves a story about a devious cult that trains children to be deadly assassins. It’s within that bloody world that two teenagers inexplicably fall in love. The problem is that their “family” does not approve and would rather have their heads on a platter than them to be together.

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