New Creator-Owned Comics This Week: May 03, 2023

Explore the darker side of comics, as this week's collection of creator-owned titles delivers bone-chilling stories you can't keep your eyes off of.

I Hate This Place #8
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesFeb 5, 2024, 8:47 AM

This week in creator-owned comics is not for the faint of hearts. Where else within comics can you find a collection of stories that involve demonic cats, man-eating centipedes, and horrific schools of magic? While the superheroes of Marvel and Gods of DC are busy doing all their superhero business, creator-owned comics are where you can always find stories on the stranger side. You can never be sure about what you'll find next and that makes being a reader so exciting.

Let's dive into the wild world of creator-owned comics this week!

Radiant Black #24

By Kyle Higgins, Marcelo Costa, and Igor Monti

Radiant Black #24Image: Image Comics

Nathan and Marshall are losing control of their powers. With enemies from space fast approaching, the two need to act fast if they want to be ready for what’s to come. The only option left is to return to where it all began, the realm known as Existence. But like every visit to the world where only truth exists, strange new challenges await. 

Hairball #2

By Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins

Hairball #2Image: Dark Horse Comics

Hairball is shaping up to be every cat lover’s worst nightmare. The comic is best described as Junji Ito meets Hayao Miyazaki, where this strange cat has devious intentions against its owner (as if cats don’t already act that way in the real world). In this latest issue, Bestie the black cat continues to terrorize the family in horrific ways, and not stopping until everything is completely torn apart.

Love Everlasting #7

By Tom King and Elsa Charretier

Love Everlasting #7Image: Image Comics

In part two of the series' first multi-part storyline, Joan finds herself in a world she’s never been in before and doesn’t understand–a normal, and happy marriage. But deep down she knows everything around her is not real, and she needs to find a way to escape. Otherwise, she’ll be trapped in that romantically mundane trap forever.

Where Monsters Lie #4

By Kyle Starks and Piotr Kowalski

Where Monsters Lie #4Image: Dark Horse Comics

This miniseries is closing out with a bang! Agent Rooster and his team find themselves in Wilmhurts to put a stop to the surviving serial killers and their massive dog on the loose. In a series that’s never shied away from being equally horrifying and ridiculous, this finale is coming down to a massive bloody showdown that will leave you in awe.

I Hate This Place #8

By Kyle Starks, Artyom Topilin, and Lee Loughridge

I Hate This Place #8Image: Image Comics

With the last issue ending with a surprise return, the story of “I Hate This Place” has taken a drastic turn into unexpected territory! It’s exciting to see more answers about the strange world be revealed as the exciting series is quickly reaching its climax! We can’t wait to see where this wild ride is going to take us!

Parker Girls #7

By Terry Moore

Parker Girls #7 Image: Abstract Studios

In the hunt to catch the killer of Piper May, all the clues seem to point back to her husband, billionaire Zachary May. With the help of Parker Girl Kelly, Cherry Hammer follows a dark and twisted path to the truth behind the mysterious murder.

Breath of Shadows #4

By Rich Douek and Alex Cormack

Breath of Shadows #4Image: IDW Publishing

The situation of rockstar Jimmy Meadows and the crew only gets worse the deeper they go into the jungle. As much as the junkie rockstar would love to blame it on the drugs, the people around him are actually turning into man-eating centipede monsters. Jimmy will have to fight through all the madness if he wants to crawl out of the pit he’s found himself alive.

Monomyth #1

By David Hazan and Cecilia Lo Valvo

Monomyth #1Image: Mad Cave Studios

As the last embers of magic start to flicker out, descendants of magical bloodlines are summoned to an ancient school to keep the flame alive. But the chosen ones quickly discover that real magic is nothing like in the story books. The horrific truth behind magic forces the group to face the darkest parts of themselves and face off against one another to survive the ordeal.

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