New Licensed Comics This Week: May 10, 2023

Licensed comics continue to be the space with the most surprises. Find out which of your favorite properties are being put into the pages of comics this week!

Street Fighter 6 #1
Image: UDON
By: Javier ReyesFeb 5, 2024, 5:13 PM

Licensed comics are a testament to the beauty of comic books. Not are comics where you can find superheroes get brought to life, but they're also where your favorite properties can go on bold new adventures unlike ever before. It goes to show how vast the world of comics can be when you extend yourself beyond what's happening in the walls of Marvel and DC.

Here are the licensed comics we're most excited about checking out this week!

Street Fighter 6 #1

By Capcom and Bengus

Street Fighter 6 #1Image: UDON

In preparation for the highly anticipated release of Street Fighter 6, UDON has collaborated with Capcom for this new comic miniseries! Down on his luck as of late, Ken Masters travels to Naishal to participate in a new fighting tournament. But he didn’t expect to find there plenty of new and dangerous faces on the scene. The new era of fighting games starts here with a massive 48-page comic book!

007: For King and Country #2

By Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Giorgio Spalletta

007: For King and Country #2Image: Dynamite

Both 007 and 003 are on the run from the organization that branded them as traitors. While the pair goes on a mad dash to clear their names, the newly assigned 002 chases them down with cold-blooded precision. If the spies don’t play their cards right, either the chaos of the mission or the deadly agent will be what takes both of them out.

Star Trek: Defiant #3

By Christopher Cantwell and Angel Unzueta

Star Trek: Defiant #3Image: IDW Publishing

The all-star team aboard the USS Defiant has seen better days. Worf, B'Elanna Torres, and Ro Laren have found themselves in the clutches of Orion pirates. Meanwhile, Spock struggles to keep the ship afloat with Lore as his right-hand man. If only the team could stick together throughout this whole mess.

Disney Villains: Scar #2

By Chuck Brown and Trevor Fraley

Disney Villains: Scar #2Image: Dynamite

Scar’s path to stealing the throne begins with help from the vultures. The ravenous birds advise Scar to go on the hunt for a magical baobab fruit that will supposedly make him more powerful than the legendary Mufasa. But as it always is with vultures, they want something horrific in return for their services.

Kong: The Great War #1

By Alex Cox and Tommaso Bianchi

Kong: The Great War #1Image: Dynamite

Set during the time of World War 2, a German U-Boat gets lost at sea and drifts into a remote island in the South Pacific. Unfortunately for the crew aboard, they landed on the worst island imaginable, as its teeming with beasts and terrors from beyond imagination. It’s an island that only understands death and violence because the creature that reigns supreme is known by one name: Kong.

Kamen Rider: Zero-One #4

By Brandon Easton and Hendry Prasetya

Kamen Rider: Zero-One #4Image: Titan Books

As Kamen Rider Zero-One, Aruto Hiden has saved the world numerous times. But the insectile superhero will face his toughest challenge yet when his company is attacked by the mysterious Ragnarock. Alongside his humangear companion named Izu, Aruto will need to give it everything he’s got to stop the volcanic threat.

Star Wars: Darth Vader #34

By Greg Pak, Adam Gorham, and Federico Blee

Star Wars: Darth Vader #34Image: Marvel Comics

Darth Vader’s force powers continue to spiral out of control, leaving an unimaginable path of destruction wherever he goes. Lieutenant Sabé is now at a crossroads as she sees Vader in such a vulnerable state. She must finally confront the consequences of joining the dark side to serve Vader. The light inside her may guide her down a new path in her journey.

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