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Scarlett #2 Review: There Will Be Blood

Dive into the latest issue of Kelly Thompson and Marco Ferrari’s hit new comic, Scarlett, as part of Skybound’s massive Energon Universe.

Scarlett 2 Review Cover
Image: Skybound
By: Javier ReyesJul 4, 2024, 9:30 AM

Scarlett #2

Scarlett 2 Full Cover

Writer: Kelly Thompson

Artist: Marco Ferrari

Publisher: Skybound

Release Date: July 3, 2024

Page Count: 32

Format: Single-issue

Scarlett #2 keeps the series’ foot on the gas pedal with an issue filled with brutal action and high-stakes espionage. Don’t miss out on what is easily among the best comics part of Skybound’s Energon Universe lineup.

Skybound has been on a huge roll lately, with every comic book in the Energon Universe being a big hit among readers. The biggest surprise among all of them for me was Scarlett #1. As a very light fan of G.I. Joe, I came into the new series with no expectations or attachment to Scarlett’s character. But, after just one issue, creators Kelly Thompson and Marco Ferrari sold me on the red-haired super spy, establishing her as a badass with a heart of gold. Now, how does the series follow up its stellar debut? Keep reading for my full review of Scarlett #2 to find out!


After infiltrating the Arashikage Clan’s lair, Scarlett finds herself locked up within their fortress. However, the world-class spy is more than ready to escape. She uses a timely brawl against the guards to catch the attention of Storm Shadow and the clan leader, Hard Master. Impressed by her skills, the two world-renowned ninjas strike a deal with Scarlett to test her worthiness to the clan. It’s up to Scarlett to show she is willing to put her life on the line for the mission and her friend, Jinx.

Scarlett 2 - Scarlett breaks out of her bindingsImage: Skybound


With Scarlett already in the clutches of the Arashikage Clan, this issue hits the ground running with a brutal fight scene that looks like something straight out of Kill Bill. It’s got ninjas, weaponry, and a whole lot of blood splattering all over the walls. So in case the first issue didn’t convince you how much of a badass Scarlett is, this second issue will show you what’s what. The bombastic nature of the bloody brawl serves as a great tone-setter for the story, presenting a very ruthless side to Scarlett’s usually calm and collected attitude. Then once the dust settles, it’s clear she’s not someone to mess with.

I’m a real sucker for character-driven stories, and Scarlett delivers that in spades. Even though we’re only two issues in, creators Kelly Thompson and Marco Ferrari have been fantastic at building up Scarlett’s strong and distinct character. Whether she’s tearing enemies in half or reminiscing about making dinner with her best friend, Scarlett comes off as a charming and complex character you can’t help but root for. So once this miniseries wraps up, I’m eager to see Scarlett’s role in the bigger picture of the Energon Universe.

Scarlett 2 - Scarlett attacks the ninjasImage: Skybound

Beyond the comic’s hot start, Scarlett #2 delivers a well-paced issue that introduces plenty of major story threads for the series. Scarlett’s interactions with Storm Shadow and Hard Master will excite G.I. Joe fans, as more familiar faces make their way into the Energon Universe. This issue is also much lighter on the flashbacks, focusing more on establishing Scarlett’s dangerous mission ahead, with the final page stinger teasing the story escalating even further from here. Looking back on it, I’m impressed by how much has happened in just two issues. With Scarlett going to so many different locales and setpieces, the story has a distinct flow that keeps every moment feeling fresh and exciting.

Scarlett 2 - Scarlett takes down a ninja while Storm Shadow watchesImage: Skybound

Final Thoughts

Scarlett continues to stand out among the collection of great titles from Skybound’s Energon Universe. Considering Scarlett is a character I had very little personal attachment to coming into the series, I’m amazed at how hooked I am on seeing more of this story unfold. The action and character writing in the comic have been top-notch, and the series is only just getting started. While I typically prefer not to review issues back to back, I felt I had to make a special exception for this one. Scarlett has quickly become one of the most promising new comics from Image and Skybound this year, and it deserves to be talked about more. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Why You Should Read Scarlett

  • Kelly Thompson is killing it with this characterization of Scarlett. 
  • The art of Marco Ferrari sells Scarlett as a cold-blooded and well-trained assassin.
  • The story is very well-paced, making for a fun ride every step of the way.
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