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Space Ghost #2 Review: A New Cosmic Caper

Explore the latest adventures of Space Ghost in the new comic series by David Pepose and Jonathan Lau for Dynamite Entertainment.

Space Ghost 2 Review Cover
Image: Dynamite Entertainment
By: Javier ReyesJun 6, 2024, 9:30 AM

Space Ghost #2

Space Ghost 2 Full Cover

Writer: David Pepose

Artist: Jonathan Lau

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Release Date: June 5, 2024

Page Count: 32

Format: Single-issue

New readers and long-time fans will find plenty to love about this new Space Ghost comic series that blends a gritty tone with the campy charm that made the original cartoons so beloved.

For many years now, Dynamite Entertainment has been the go-to publisher for licensed comics. You’ll find everything from Disney-related comics to the Army of Darkness under the Dynamite banner. Since last February, with the release of Declan Shalvey’s Thundercats, the publisher has begun its new line of comics focused on classic Hanna-Barbera characters. The latest character to get the Dynamite treatment is none other than the intergalactic superhero, Space Ghost. Written by David Pepose with artwork by Jonathan Lau, Andrew Dalhouse, and Taylor Esposito, this comic shows a new side to the beloved character that caught many long-time fans by surprise. The comic follows up its thrilling debut with an issue that rounds out the introductions and sets the stage for a new story to unfold. Curious to see what comes next in one of the year’s most exciting new comics? Continue reading for my review of Space Ghost #2 to find out!


Jace, Jan, Blip, and Space Ghost arrive in Ghost Planet. With the universe seemingly after the technology built into Blip, Space Ghost uses the time back in his sanctuary to devise a plan to keep the kids safe. But being the curious kids they are, Jan and Jace can’t help but stick their noses in the advanced technology throughout Space Ghost’s hidden lair. That leads to some hijinks that neither of them seems prepared for. 

Space Ghost 2 - Jan, Jace, Blip, and Space Ghost arrive at Ghost PlanetImage: Dynamite Entertainment


Before I get to my review, I must preface things by saying it took me some time to readjust my mental image of Space Ghost away from being a talk show host. I grew up watching Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and I consider it formative entertainment. I’ve also watched plenty of the classic Hanna-Barbera series–in all its fun and campy glory. So, to read this comic’s gritty take on such a cartoonish superhero caused me a bit of mental whiplash. But as someone who doesn’t shy away from experiencing different kinds of media, this new Space Ghost comic delivers a unique experience that’s both fresh and wonderfully nostalgic. 

However, labeling this series as simply a “gritty take on Space Ghost” would be a disservice, as issue #2 proves that the story has much more depth to leave at just that. While the first issue did start strong by establishing a darker and more mature tone, the second issue mixes in the campy and fun charm that made the original cartoons so beloved. With the story mostly told through the lens of Jace and Jan, their lightheartedness serves as a great contrast against Space Ghost’s more grizzled personality in this version. The hijinks caused by the kids ultimately lead to some stellar superhero sequences brought to life by Jonathan Lau’s incredible illustration work. The dynamics between the characters are what really sell me on this comic—reminding me of why I fell in love with the cartoons as a kid in the first place. 

Space Ghost 2 - Space Ghost flies into space in angerImage: Dynamite Entertainment

As much as Space Ghost #1 delivers plenty of shock value with its bold presentation, this second issue is much stronger at giving you a taste of what’s in store for the rest of the series. Space Ghost #2 has a little bit of everything, from charming character moments to flashes of a tragic backstory and even some cosmic action sequences. All those different elements then culminate in a final splash page that hits right in the nostalgia feels. But whether you’re a long-time Space Ghost fan or a new reader checking out the hype, the comic’s two opening issues make for a great introduction to a new adventure anyone can jump into.

Space Ghost 2 - Jace pilots the Phantom CruiserImage: Dynamite Entertainment

Final Thoughts

As someone who grew up watching a lot of Space Ghost, both Coast to Coast and the original cartoon, this new comic book is a great surprise that unlocked plenty of fond memories. With so many ”bold reimaginings” of classics being made today, Space Ghost hits the sweet spot of delivering something unique and also nostalgic. Not only was this among the best comics I read this week, but it is also one of the most promising new series to come out this year. I can’t wait to see what comes next from this series and the rest of Hanna-Barbera comics coming from Dynamite.

Why You Should Read Space Ghost

  • The comic blends a more mature tone with the campy charm of the original series.
  • Jonathan Lau’s art brings to life a powerful Space Ghost, unlike anything we’ve seen before.
  • For long-time fans, it’s exciting to revisit a universe filled with strange and iconic characters.

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