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Unholy Blood Vol. 1 Review: Unable to Escape Fate

Follow Hayan, a pure-blood vampire, as she gets dragged into the dark world ruled by her kind in this action-packed manhwa full of drama!

Unholy Blood Vol 1 comic cover
Image: Ize Press/Yen Press
By: Amy MouaApr 18, 2024, 10:39 AM

Unholy Blood Vol. 1

Unholy Blood Vol 1 comic cover

Writer: Lina Lim

Artist: Lina Lim

Publisher: Ize Press / Yen Press

Release Date: February 20, 2024

Page Count: 306

Format: Tpb-webtoon

Unholy Blood delivers a spellbinding vampire story that’ll have any lover of the supernatural curious to learn more about Hayan and the monstrous beatdowns she dishes out. Volume one’s introduction to the plot will easily have you invested in its storyline and beautiful art.

Unholy Blood is among the rare breed of Webtoons that were a quick hit among readers when it first debuted on the platform. Because of its immense popularity, it’s a series that has been on my radar for a long time since its completion. However, my bad habit of constantly adding new titles to my reading list is why I never got around to diving into the hit series. So, given the opportunity to review its manhwa version, I was eager to finally experience the wild vampire story I’ve heard so many good things about. I find it an exciting moment to immerse myself in Unholy Blood as a new reader! So, scroll down to learn more as I share my thoughts on the first volume of this bloody good series.


Ten years before the story’s beginning, vampires suddenly appear throughout the world. It became dangerous walking the streets at night as it could result in getting murdered by a blood-sucking monster. It’s during the start of all this chaos that a young Hayan appears at an orphanage without any memory of who she was or where she came from. She spends the early parts of her life quietly but with a dangerous secret. Although she didn’t remember who she was, she knew what she was: a pure-blood vampire. While Hayan wants nothing more than to live a normal life, she quickly learns that is impossible because of her heritage. She slowly gets dragged into the dark world of vampires as her own kind threatens the lives of those close to her.

Unholy Blood Vol 1 - girl with angry eyesImage: Ize Press


With so much hype around this manhwa, I must say it’s an absolute thrill reading Unholy Blood for the first time. The dramatic suspense surrounding Hayan and her bloodline had me eagerly flipping through each page of the manhwa. This first volume does an amazing job of setting up her story with a prologue that shows her exuding a surprisingly dark personality. With her crown of thorns and flowing white locks, I love how the opening moments make her out to be this cool and imposing character ready to rip the heads off of dozens of vampires. Then, within the same chapter, it flashes back to when tragedy hadn’t struck yet. The Hayan we meet throughout the early parts of the story is more innocent and human-looking with her big doe eyes and smooth brown hair. Although less tough-looking, happy is a good look on her. Seeing these two sides of Hayan makes for a compelling question: How does such a cinnamon roll turn into an intimidating Boss B-? Knowing that Hayan goes through such a drastic transformation throughout her story keeps me wanting to know what happens next with each new chapter.

Another highlight for me is Hayan’s dynamics with the other characters throughout the manhwa. The most important ones being her two younger siblings and Father Michael, Hayan’s father figure in life and the priest who took all three of them in. Their strong bond and support for each other create an emotional tug for readers when vampires threaten the characters’ lives. Creator Lina Lim does a great job driving the plot forward and utilizing Hayan’s love for family as the core motivation behind her eventual revenge. With a fast pace but effortless flow in the narrative, the story is easy to follow and exciting to read. Even with such lengthy chapters, something which I personally love about Korean manhwas, Hayan’s captivating journey through the dark world of vampires will sink its teeth into you in no time.

Unholy Blood Vol 1 - party scene with guy drinking wineImage: Ize Press

A final thing I love about this manhwa is its gorgeous art that pulls everything together. I’m a sucker for pretty art and the aesthetics throughout Unholy Blood has plenty of charm. While the clean line art and stylish character designs will draw you in, the detailed lighting and color shading will make you realize the artistry on display. Then take a moment to further appreciate the dynamic poses of the characters and their dramatic anatomy. From top to bottom, this manhwa delivers top-tier art. The art combined with the tense plot evokes a stronger emotional response from readers as they find themselves invested in all aspects of the manhwa.

Final Thoughts

Unholy Blood deserves the hype it was given when it was still an ongoing series. Although there were minor parts of the manhwa I thought were foolish (e.g. Hayan wearing a mask covering only half her face thinking no one would recognize her, the CCTV not working plot armor), they are easily overshadowed by the manhwa’s amazing art, thrilling storyline, and cool characters. Reading Unholy Blood three years after its completion and still finding it to be an exciting story shows it’s a timeless story anyone can enjoy.

Unholy Blood Vol 1 - girl with angry eyesImage: Ize Press

Who this is for

  • Readers who want a fast-paced plot with a wonderful balance of action, romance, comedy, suspense, and drama.
  • People looking to enjoy a distinct Korean art style that is gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Readers who love getting to know complex characters who are easy to emotionally attach to.

Who this is not for

  • People who don’t like blood, gore, and violence.
  • Readers looking for a vampire story purely for romance.
  • People who prefer Western-style comic art.
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