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Void Rivals #6 Review: Into the Breach

Journey into the fascinating story arc finale of Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo de Felici's sci-fi hit series Void Rivals!

void rivals #6 review cover
Image: Skybound
By: Javier ReyesFeb 23, 2024, 2:23 AM

Void Rivals #6

Void Rivals 6 Full Cover

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artist: Lorenzo de Felici

Publisher: Skybound

Release Date: November 21, 2023

Page Count: 32

Format: Single-issue

Void Rivals closes out its first story arc with a bang. In an issue packed with witty banter, slick action sequences, and nuanced world-building, the comic sets the stage for an even bigger adventure to unfold throughout the different parts of the Sacred Ring.

It’s finally here! The highly anticipated finale of Void Rival’s first story arc! After catching many readers’ attention with its launch of Image Comic’s new Energon Universe, Void Rivals has been a treat of a series filled with sci-fi goodness. If you’ve been following along with my reviews, you’ll know that it is easily among my favorite new comics of the year. With such high expectations coming into this finale, did it live up to the hype? Let’s get to my review of issue #6 and find out!

void rivals 6 - men talkingImage: Skybound


Solila ponders her next move while trapped in a Zertonian jail cell. But just as she thinks she has a moment of privacy, a familiar face from her past comes barging through the door. To her surprise, they come with the means for her escape. It turns out that with the help of the mysterious group of Zertonian freedom fighters, Darak requested to have Solila rescued so she could help with the upcoming mission.

The rebellious Zertonians reveal they have lost contact with their Agorrian collaborators on the other side of the Sacred Ring. The Zertonians need Darak’s help delivering a data packet to the Agorrians to reestablish comms connections. The problem is that the Premier will stop at nothing to extinguish the flame of rebellion.

void rivals 6 - man on motorcycleImage: Skybound


From the witty banter between characters to the phenomenally choreographed action sequences, this issue delivers much of what makes Void Rivals such a fun series. It’s great seeing Darak and Solila finally back on the same side (for now, at least), despite how up-and-down their relationship has been for the past few issues. Looking back on the story arc as a whole, the series has done a great job of establishing the titular Void Rivals as distinct characters who stand strong enough on their own but work best when they are together. There is even an especially solemn yet touching moment by the end of the issue that firmly puts their relationship on solid ground. It makes the anticipation for the coming adventure ahead of them all the more exciting. Now that they’re a (mostly) cohesive unit, I can only imagine what sort of insanity they’ll face as they dive deeper into the darker regions of the Sacred Ring.

Now, to analyze things a little bit deeper than the issue’s big story beats. The world-building throughout this issue was top-notch, which is something I feel like I always say in these reviews. This issue plunges us straight into the more lowly areas of Zertonia, a far cry from the lavish halls shown in the Premier’s stronghold. With futuristic buildings in the distance and Zertonians starving on the streets, the scenes look like something straight out of a dystopian thriller. As tragic as that already sounds, Darak hinting that things are very different in Agorria adds another layer of intrigue to the story. These touches of storytelling, especially one particular shot of the Premier enjoying a very exuberant meal, show just how bad things are within Zertonia. With the story en route to Darak’s neck in the woods, I’m fascinated to see what more there is to discover about this ravaged world.

My only main gripe about the issue is that its closing cliffhanger lacks a bit of the punch I was hoping to see from a story arc finale. Without giving away too much, the issue ends with the Premier ominously name-dropping some things that will play big roles in the story to come. But the problem is, apart from the Premeir’s dejected body language, there’s not much of a visual tease of the supposed horror on the horizon. It’s hard to get emotional when there’s hardly any reference point to what’s being hinted at. While I’m still hooked on seeing where the story goes next, I can’t deny the ending’s treatment fell a bit flat. It doesn’t help knowing that the next issue isn’t until March 2024. That’s a chunky break for something left on such an ambiguous note. At least we have plenty of other titles pushing the Energon Universe forward to tide us over until then.

void rivals 6 - men runningImage: Skybound

Final Thoughts

Putting my unmet expectations aside, this issue still delivers what the series does best for a solid story arc finale. From the nuanced world-building to the witty character writing, there are plenty of reminders in this issue why Void Rivals is one of the best comics ongoing currently. With Darak and Solila back to kicking some ass together again, what more can I ask for as a big fan of this series? The next issue in this thrilling story can’t come soon enough.

Why You Should Read Void Rivals

  • The slick action scenes are a reminder of how badass both Darak and Solila as a team can be.
  • There are hints throughout the issue that point to how grave the situation in the Sacred Ring is.
  • Kirkman and de Felici are killing it with their world-building for this series.
  • The path is set for the two Void Rivals to explore other parts of the Sacred Ring.

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