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Falling for Danger Review: Love and Revenge

Follow the action-packed journey of office worker Marine and former hitman Hale as their encounter leads to danger and love.

Falling for Danger Cover
Image: Manta
By: Amy MouaJun 6, 2024, 12:10 PM

Falling for Danger

Falling for Danger Cover

Writer: Dolce Soup

Artist: Missal

Publisher: Manta

Format: Webtoon

Manta delivers an exciting webtoon centered on love and revenge. There’s never a dull moment with the story full of suspense and action as Marine gets dragged into Hale’s plans for revenge against criminal cartels.

Are you ready for some good action thriller romance? While I typically read mostly fantasy and romance webtoons, I like to switch up from my usual stories to refresh my mind. That was the case behind why I picked up “Falling for Danger,” an action thriller romance and one of Manta’s first in-house studio original comics. Continue down below to learn more about this webtoon and my thoughts about it!


With society plagued by criminal cartels, the government creates a secret suicide task force to keep the crime in check. “Falling for Danger” follows Hale, a former hitman betrayed by his organization, and Marine, an ordinary office worker at the small company Hale uses as a cover-up. While Hale is on a path for revenge to kill every single person involved in the death of his lover, Marine simply wants to help run her company successfully. Everything seemed to be on track until Marine inadvertently witnessed one of Hale’s killings. Even though Hale knows that he must kill her, he mysteriously decides to let her live. Instead, he moves in with her to keep his identity a secret. This decision soon changes both their lives. As Marine’s presence slowly makes Hale’s bleak world brighter, she also learns he’s more than just a cold-blooded killer.

falling for danger webtoon - girl and boy looking at each otherImage: Manta


What stands out about “Falling for Danger” is how it hooks you immediately with its incredible storytelling. The prologue puts a spotlight on Hale, touching on his traumatic childhood and the tragic reason behind his thirst for revenge. But from the get-go, the story hints at how Hale isn’t simply a man who enjoys killing people. You understand the nuance behind Hale’s character and actions the more you read into the webtoon’s thrilling story. While I loved how excellent the action scenes and romance plots were, the suspense of discovering more about the story and the characters was what excited me to dive into each new episode. 

However, as I’ve hinted, you should be warned that there’s a lot of blood and violence in this webtoon if you’re not into that. “Falling for Danger” follows a revenge story, after all. So, you know this one involves plenty of deaths along the way. Action scenes will show Hale killing men fast and efficiently like the vengeance-crazed man he is, giving no second chances or pity speeches to his targets. There’s style and viciousness put into the action, which makes me imagine how great it would look adapted into a K-drama or film in the future. From the slick action, smart writing, and beautiful character designs, “Falling for Danger” really has all the elements to become a popular show if it ever makes the jump. 

falling for danger webtoon - guy chokeImage: Manta

But, of course, there’s so much more to this story than just the action and violence. The romance storyline that builds between the two leads is interesting because the story gives both their unique perspectives equal time to shine. There’s a slow-burn anticipation to their romance that’s so intriguing to follow. Knowing that Hale is still recovering from tragically losing the love of his life, you can’t expect to fall in love with another woman immediately. Meanwhile, Marine has her own challenges that define her as a strong and independent character. Even if Hale is handsome, perfect at his job, and looks swoony in a suit, the fact that he is still clearly hung up on the death of his former lover is a great detail to his character that makes him seem more human (we ladies like a loyal man, after all). Joking aside, because the genre of this webtoon is more action/thriller, having the romance be a slow burn instead of a “love at first sight” scenario feels perfect for both Hale and Marine’s characters.

Speaking of Marine, it’s time we talk more about the other star of the show. Marine is a character who literally shines in this story. And I mean that from a visual perspective. Compared to Hale’s somber color palette and character design, Marine’s is depicted as more bright, cheerful, and fiery. That stark contrast between their personalities and design is what makes their relationship so compelling to follow. With her striking orange hair, the story shows how she is the “sun” that brightens Hale’s dark and brooding life. Because they start the story as complete opposites, it’s heartwarming to see Marine slowly change her views on Hale and how her bubbly characteristics also change him in many ways. Considering the webtoon has only 20 episodes out so far, it’s fascinating to know there’s still so much to discover about Marine and Hale. 

falling for danger webtoon - girlImage: Manta

Final Thoughts

After a great first season with only 20 episodes, I can’t wait for the return of “Falling for Danger” and where the story leads for Hale and Marine. While I wish the first season was a little longer than only 20 episodes, it was still a great webtoon to follow. But I must say, to end the season finale on such a dramatic cliffhanger as they did, I find it illegal as a reader. In the end, “Falling for Danger '' is an incredible webtoon any romance or non-romance reader will enjoy. Because its season is also relatively short, it is easy for anyone to read and catch up on while it’s on hiatus. 

Why You Should Read Falling for Danger

  • The art is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Season one is short, complete, and easily bingeable.
  • The slow-burn romance feels just right and not rushed.
  • It’s an action-packed webtoon full of suspense, violence, and murder that keeps you on the edge of your seat.