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The Sacrificers #6 Review: What Makes a God

Prepare your hearts for the shocking story arc finale of “The Sacrificers,” one of Image Comics’ best new series.

The Sacrificers 6 Review Cover
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesFeb 23, 2024, 2:27 AM

The Sacrificers #6

The Sacrificers 6 Full Cover

Writer: Rick Remender

Artist: Max Fiumara

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: January 9, 2024

Page Count: 32

Format: Single-issue

The Sacrificers caps off its thrilling first story arc with strong emotional twists that are as gut-wrenching as they are fascinating. Issue #6 ends with the feeling that the story has only just begun from here.

The start of 2024 welcomes the end of The Sacrificers’ first story arc. And boy, is this finale a heavy one. Rick Remender and Max Fiumara pulled no punches to deliver a gut-wrenching issue packed with brutal events and shocking revelations. The series is simply one of the best Image comics you can read today. With so much to unpack, let’s just dive right into my review of The Sacrificers #6! 


Soluna has gone missing, and Sun King Rokus blazes a trail to find her. He turns to Soluna’s mother, Luna, for answers. He believes her disappearance stems from the two gods arguing during the gala. But their conversation gets fiery quickly after Rokus loses his cool and his violent temper takes hold. Little does Rokus know that Soluna is in the clutches of the vengeful Foreman. It takes a surprising intervention by Pigeon to save Soluna’s life. But luck doesn’t stay on their side for long as the two make a bold and unfortunate revelation that drastically changes their lives.

The Sacrificers 6 - Rokus and LunaImage: Image Comics


For a series that’s gone to some very dark places, this latest issue of The Sacrificers sets a new precedent for how brutal the comic can be. But that brutality goes beyond the intense visuals of characters being torn limb from limb. Emotions run high across every scene, showcasing just how twisted the minds of Rokus, the Foreman, and, surprisingly, Pigeon can be. Not to give away too much detail about what happens, but this issue hits an emotional boiling point that has been building up since the series began. Plenty of moments encapsulate what the series' first story arc did so beautifully well. After strongly building up the story’s characters and violently unjust world, this finale delivers a satisfying pay-off that blows the door open for Pigeon and Soluna to go down very dark paths. 

Looking back on my early assumptions about the series, its characters, and storylines, I’m amazed by how vastly different things have played out. As someone who’s been following the solicitations of each issue as they are released, I can’t help but feel like they undersold just how dark the story would be. It has made the journey through this series all the more surprising, as the twists and turns have hit very hard with each new issue. Whether it was the details put into the world-building, art direction, and even character development, there was always something I never could have expected as the story went on. By this point, I admittedly feel a bit silly about making early judgments and theories about the story when Rick Remender, Max Fiumara, and the rest of the creative team are cooking up something special with this comic. It kills me knowing we must wait a couple of months until the next issue. But then again, we all could use the extended break to let the shocking events of this issue set in. This series has just been that damn good. 

The Sacrificers 6 - Pigeon and Soluna.pngImage: Image Comics

As much as I keep saying in these reviews, it’s always worth talking about how incredible the art team is in this book. Actually, my words probably cannot stress that fact enough. Max Fiumara’s line work brings to life a beautiful and whimsical world that can go dark at any moment. Then, Dave McCaig’s coloring helps tell the story just as much as the illustrations and dialogue. Just take a moment to absorb the scene between Rokus and Luna. From the scene’s distinct coloring to the detailed expressions on the characters’ faces, you can sense the raw emotions flowing between the two gods. The scene perfectly showcases how beautiful yet horrifying this comic can be. If anything, these reviews have been a test for me because I have to do my best to choose only three pieces of art to highlight in each article. That’s like limiting what you can eat in a 5-star buffet. While it’s a bit cliche at this point to refer to something as a “ visual feast,” The Sacrificers is a series that fully deserves that level of praise.

Final Thoughts

This issue was one hell of a finale for the series’ first story arc. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t hurt knowing the series is going on hiatus before the next arc. Among the books Rick Remender has been putting out lately, The Sacrificers is the easy choice as my favorite. It’s been a fascinating journey through a beautiful fantasy world that always had something horrifying waiting behind every corner. After the big twists that cap off this first arc, I’m hooked on seeing more than ever what new and dark places the story goes next.

The Sacrificers 6 - AttackedImage: Image Comics

Why You Should Read The Sacrificers

  • Max Fiumara’s jaw-dropping art paints a world that’s equally beautiful and brutal. 
  • Issue #6 delivers a massive turning point in the story.
  • Characters are written with such emotion that the comic’s more shocking moments hit like a truck. 
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